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Tor Marrock
Destroy The Soul
November 2013
Released: 2013, Black Vulture Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Tor Marrock are a Gothic Death Metal band from the United Kingdom and "Destroy The Soul" is the band's third full length album. Their sound reminds me of Paradise Lost, and some guitar riffs even sound oddly familiar. Still, the band manages to forge a varied record that incorporates elements of Doom Metal and classic Heavy Metal. This album is pretty much guitar-driven and the guitars shift between neoclassical Heavy Metal guitar melodies and more dissonant guitar work. Vocals vary between normal singing, spoken, snarled vocals or menacing whispers, wrapping themselves around the instrumental arrangements. Since topics go from suicidal depression to madness, the vocal work fits in with what the feelings the band try to evoke.

The songs on "Destroy the Soul" could be divided into straight forward mid tempo Heavy Metal with gothic elements, slower, more Doom Metal influenced material and one track in particular which sounds like Black Metal. The title track, "Born in Blood" and "The Waves" are some of the songs that belong to the first group, in which the band establish a guitar riff and build the song around it. The vocals on these songs go from a raspy, half sung style to a croak that reminds me of Lee Dorian's style in Cathedral. "Christ Betrayed", "The Night Always Ends" and "Why Do You Look in My Eyes" are the slower numbers, in which the band sometimes use clean guitars for intros. The vocalist varies from whispered rants to a more Tom Warrior style on the songs. "The Harbouring of Suicidal Thoughts" would be the odd man out, as it is a straight up Black Metal number complete with blast beats. The last song, "I Feel the Sun I See the Stars" also incorporates faster drum work, although in this case it's a more Thrash Metal

oriented style.

I should mention that I am not particularly a fan of this style of music, yet I enjoy Tor Marrock's "Destroy the Soul" because it seems to me that the band plays a stripped down version of the style. There are no big keyboard sections or any of the bombastic elements that sometimes ruin the experience for me: this band creates atmosphere with the most simple elements, and at the same time manage to create good guitar riffs. There are unexpected shifts in the songs that are quite effective, and the mixture of Iron Maiden-inspired sections with more brooding, atmospheric material works for me.

Review by Titus Isaac López
Track Listing

Destroy the Soul
2. Born in Blood
3. Christ Betrayed
4. The Harbouring of Suicidal Thoughts
5. The Night Always Ends
6. The Waves
7. Why Do You Look in My Eyes
8. I Feel the Sun I See the Stars


Tavarr Bass
Talas Drums
Tor Marrock Guitars, Vocals

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