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Rock 'n' Roll Nightmare
November 2013
Released: 2006, La-la Land
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

“Thor, The Mighty! Thor, The Brave! Crush the infidels in your way.” (Manowar, 1984)

Before Iron Maiden. Before Metallica. Before Slayer. Even before Manowar… there was THOR! In 1973, a young musician records his first demo/single in Vancouver, Canada what was to become the germination of ‘Body Rock’, and the eventual evolution into one of Metal mightiest warriors and most prolific and enduring acts...THE MIGHTY THOR! In celebration of his 40th anniversary and in tribute to Canada’s longest running Metal band, I am very proud to present short reviews of 13 releases from across his career. Feel free to enjoy all the reviews in this feature including…

-Keep The Dogs Away (1977)

-Unchained (1983)

-Only The Strong (1985)

-Live In Detroit (1985)

-Anthorology (1997)

-Thunderstruck (1998)

-Dogz II (2001)

-Mutant (2003)

-Beastwomen From The Center of The Earth (2004)

-Thor Against The World (2005)

-Rock And Roll Nightmare (2006)

-Into The Noise (2008)

-Thunderstryke (2012)

This is one of the more interesting and well-known pieces in the expansive THOR catalogue. Back in 1985/1986 THOR are his pals decided to do a movie. How cool is that? The resulting low-budget action/horror movie was called ROCK 'N' ROLL NIGHTMARE. It has become somewhat of a cult film over the years. Back in 1986 there was a soundtrack released called the EDGE OF HELL. It was a fairly standard issue, 10 song release to help promote the movie and to capitalize on it’s success. On the 20th anniversary of the movie, 2006 it was reissued on DVD and the soundtrack was reissued as well and this review focuses on the soundtrack reissue now re-titled ROCK 'N' ROLL NIGHTMARE.

The CD packaging is very well done. There is a message from THOR about the history of the project, some still shots from the movie and the requisite liner notes. The album has been expanded to 27 tracks included, some spoken word clips from the movie, musical interludes and the original songs, some of them with new titles. Some of the clips are under a minute in length and the whole album is a generous 69 minutes.

There is definitely a very early 80’s feel on many of them musical interludes, very synthesizer heavy sounds, some of them barely even rock at all, but the THOR tracks just rock; songs like ‘Wild Life’ and ‘We Accept The Challenge’ still standing the test of time. There is a nice bonus in the form of two new tracks. The Tritonz (get it? blending… Tri-tiones and Triton’s is a brillant band name) is the fictional band featuring Thor of course, reformed to cut two new tracks just for the OMS (Official Movie soundtrack) reissue. Interesting trivia note: The cover art was an early piece by Wes Benscoter who later went on to a greater degree of recognition in the Metal community in the early 90’s as one of the pre-eminent Death Metal album cover artists, creating art for Autopsy, Broken Hope, Deceased, Hypocrisy, Mortician, Sinister, Slayer, Vader and many more.

It is evident that ROCK 'N' ROLL NIGHTMARE will hold more value to people who have seen the movie and especially for die-hard Thor fans and people who grew up watching the movie. Some of the interludes and spoken word parts may not make sense unless you are familiar with the movie. However, this reissue is supremely well done, the sound is crystal clear and loaded with that haunted, keyboard heavy 80’s horror soundtrack vibe which is music to my ears.
Track Listing

1. RNRN Intro
2. Spiralling Terror
3. Wild Life
4. The Magic Voice
5. Winds of Evil
6. Live It Up
7. Heads Will Turn
8. Calm Before the Fear
9. We Live to Rock (Let's Tune Our Weapons)
10. Damage Control (Let's Rock One)
11. Energy
12. Nocturnal Invader (Phil's Demise)
13. Mad as Hell
14. Ghost Walker
15. Steal Your Thunder
16. I Heard Luanne Scream
17. March of the Purple Star Fish
18. Somewhere When Rises the Moon
19. Attack of the Minions
20. Face Off (The Final Confrontation)
21. I Knew If I Pissed You Off
22. We Accept the Challenge
23. See You Again Old Scratch
24. Unknown Stranger
25. Rock N' Roll Nightmare
26. Tritonz Theme
27. Lend Me Your Ears



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