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Keep The Dogs Away
November 2013
Released: 1977, MCA
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

“Thor, The Mighty! Thor, The Brave! Crush the infidels in your way.” (Manowar, 1984)

Before Iron Maiden. Before Metallica. Before Slayer. Even before Manowar… there was THOR! In 1973, a young musician records his first demo/single in Vancouver, Canada what was to become the germination of ‘Body Rock’, and the eventual evolution into one of Metal mightiest warriors and most prolific and enduring acts...THE MIGHTY THOR! In celebration of his 40th anniversary and in tribute to Canada’s longest running Metal band, I am very proud to present short reviews of 13 releases from across his career. Feel free to enjoy all the reviews in this feature including…

-Keep The Dogs Away (1977)

-Unchained (1983)

-Only The Strong (1985)

-Live In Detroit (1985)

-Anthorology (1997)

-Thunderstruck (1998)

-Dogz II (2001)

-Mutant (2003)

-Beastwomen From The Center of The Earth (2004)

-Thor Against The World (2005)

-Rock And Roll Nightmare (2006)

-Into The Noise (2008)

-Thunderstryke (2012)

KEEP THE DOGS AWAY is Thor first, full-length album when he was signed to RCA records on the strength of his performance and years on the circuit. This album was released all over the world in several different formats and really took the world by storm. Led off with the catchy title track the album certainly shows it’s grounding in Hard Rock of the early 70’s, but adding that little bit more grit and fire. Thor shows his early Viking roots with cuts like ‘Sleeping Giant’ and ‘Thunder’ but elsewhere the songs could fit on an Alice Cooper or Kiss album. Thor employed a number of singing styles and has some good gang vocals on the catchy choruses.

The reissue comes with a generous seven bonus tracks and the packaging is top-notch. The 14 page, full-colour booklet comes with lots of liner-notes, tons of photos and shots of memorabilia. The bonus tracks include a reworked version of the title track called ‘Dogs Revisited’ and another sequel of sorts called ‘Catch Another Tiger’, in reference to the track ‘Catch A Tiger’ on the album proper. There is also a very rough live cut of a song called ‘I’m Thor’ recorded live in Toronto in 1974. The song really shows Thor’s original hard blues-rock roots and the cut even has a rockabilly vibe as well.

KEEP THE DOGS AWAY is a sure buy for all Thor fans, and this 30th Anniversary CD reissue is certainly worth grabbing for the bonus material or to replace your old tape or vinyl. Lastly this record was the start of the 40-year Thor odyssey and a great piece of Canadian Hard Rock/Heavy Metal history.
Track Listing

1. Keep the Dogs Away
2. Sleeping Giant
3. Catch a Tiger
4. I'm So Proud
5. Tell Me Lies
6. Military Matters
7. Superhero
8. Wasted
9. Rosie
10. Thunder

Bonus Tracks

11. Battlestreet
12. Crusader
13. Rosie (demo)
14. I'm Thor (Live in Toronto 1974)
15. Blame
16. Catch Another Tiger
17. Dogs Revisited


John Shand -Guitar, Bass
Terry McKeown-Bass
Billy King-Drum
Barry Keane-Drum

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