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Cult of Erinyes
Blessed Extinction
November 2013
Released: 2013, Code 666 Release
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Often described as ritualistic Black Metal, CULT OF ERINYES have become known for depicting a savage concoction of raspy vocals with hymns as well as various ambient shades within their dark lit sound. Since their formation in 2009 the band have shared stages with the likes of Aura Noir and Natan as well as pushing the benchmark with each subsequent release since their early work to attain a whole new level with their latest offering Blessed Extinction.

Opening to the foreboding sound of ‘From Shattered Skies’ the brooding guitars and blood spitting vocals tear through the early stages of the track, with enraged drumming driving the tempo forward to eccentric heights. Clean vocals intrude to relieve your ears for a brief encounter of melody and well measured balance within the band’s tonality before spraying out with another dose of anarchistic fury.

Bursting out with a cranked up sense of urgency, ‘Jibaku’ propels itself forward with lightning fast drums, abysmal shrieks and metallic guitar work. The melody works well, around mid way, but never shies away from carving a shroud of darkness over your minds eye. As the solos take slight the band showcase a mastery over their form.

Much of the record operates on a similar scale as this but without straying into mundane territory. ‘Dissolve Into the Stars’, comes with instant hit, with its impressive vocal range, pounding drumming and well coordinated solos thrown together in a violent maelstrom of brutal sounding bliss.

Closing off with ’Coda’ the band delivers one final swoop of destruction with its adrenaline boosted riffs, snarling vocals and deep throated roars that carve a further descent into their beast like sound.

Final word, this is a record that very early on validates itself as an essential purchase for Black Metal fans. All the raw sounding sensibilities are marinated throughout and the record never looses focus of its well refined take on the genre.

Review by Ben Spencer
Track Listing

1. From the Shattered Skies
2. Jibaku
3. Unspoiled Beauty
4. Bipolar
5. Dissolve into the Stars
6. Sunken Cities
7. The Vlasov Notes
8. Coda



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