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Running Wild
November 2013
Released: 2013, SPV
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I’m glad Rock ’n’ Rolf decided against permanently scuttling the good ship Running Wild. While last years SHADOWMAKER wasn’t the return to glory that some had hoped for, it wasn’t that bad. It was a transitional album between his more melodic Giant X project and Running Wild. A little over a year later Running Wild is back with album #16, the appropriately titled RESILIENT. Even good ol’ Adrian, the bands mascot is back on the cover, a strong title and image to match the statement of intent.

Flat out, RESILIENT is my favourite Running Wild album in a decade or so, dating back to the Napoleonic trilogy of MASQUERADE, THE RIVALRY and VICTORY. The album is a straight up ten cuts of classic Running Wild. The album starts off with an immediate crowd-pleaser with ‘Soldiers Of Fortune’ with pirate lyrics of course. The album is nicely bookended by another pirate song called ‘Bloody Island’, a 10-minute epic that is naturally reminiscent of ‘Treasure Island’ way back, 20 years ago on PILE OF SKULLS. The quintessential buzzing guitar tone of Rolf is present and his collaboration with Peter Jordan seems to be bearing some fruit as the band have returned to the more pure Metal sound for Running wild and left Giant X for their more melodic inclinations. The songs are a good mix of fast and anthemic and Rolf’s vocals are as gruff and growly as ever.

Some people grumble about processed drums and perhaps 20 years ago but these days the drum programs are not nearly as synthesized but pure recreations of actually drums strikes that have been recorded digitally, individually, so the complaint about drum machines, is no longer really that valid. The drum sound is fine, to be honest I can’t tell if it is man or machine and I don’t really care, the drums thunder along like a battery of cannons firing volleys at an enemy vessel. RESILIENT is a welcome return to the high seas.
Track Listing

1. Soldiers of Fortune
2. Resilient
3. Adventure Highway
4. The Drift
5. Desert Rose
6. Fireheart
7. Run Riot
8. Down to the Wire
9. Crystal Gold
10. Bloody Island


Rock 'n' Rolf Vocals, Guitars, Bass
Peter Jordan Guitars


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