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Thy Kingdom Cum
November 2013
Released: 2013, Hell's Headbangers Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

Profanatica is one of the few black metal bands today whose music still makes me feel uneasy. The music of Profanatica is ugly, unsettling, abrasive, difficult at times to listen to, and unapologetically blasphemous to a degree that could make even the most kvlt scene kid say “c’mon, that’s a bit extreme dontcha think?” And THAT, dear friends, is exactly how it should be. You don’t summon the Dark Lord with Paul Mitchell hair care products, painting your face like a Juggalo, and a bunch of pussified keyboard wankery. You summon the Dark Lord by smothering your body in blood, pulling your cock out in a graveyard, and grinding out the most repulsive noise you can possibly wretch in the name of all that is defiled and unholy. Did I mention that Profanatica has a new album coming out?

Despite countless singles, splits, and comps dating back to 1990, THY KINGDOM CUM is but the third full length release for these underground legends. And I will argue to you that this latest release is the gnarliest, rawest Profanatica full length yet. Whereas its predecessors dallied about with niceties like “production values”, THY KINGDOM CUM strips away any kind of sonic pleasantries. To say it’s stripped down would be like saying that Varg Vikernes isn’t a big fan of the BET Network. Which when you consider how far Profanatica has pushed the envelope already, it kinda makes sense. When you’ve built a lineage around the most obnoxious and base level defamations of a religious icon with musical arrangements that consist of playing three riffs either really fast or really slow against trash can drums, the logical next extension of that extremity is to make it an aurally visceral experience. Now, bear with me kids…100 years ago when you had to order 7 inches out of a magazine or hand printed ‘zine, the black metal albums that find in your mailbox didn’t sound terribly different than what you’ll hear on THY KINGDOM CUM. That primeval, organic, honest to goodness (evilness?) kinda black metal that you just don’t hear much of anymore. Sure, plenty of bands today record shitty demos in an attempt to sound as raw as Profantica, but make no mistake, this is the real deal.

Songs? Yeah, there’s 8 of ‘em, and they sound a lot like everything else ever recorded by Profanatica. But you’ve gotta give Paul Ledney and crew points for originality. “Rupturedholyhymen”? Satyr wishes that he was still that clever. In all seriousness, Profanatica is a love ‘em or hate ‘em kind of band. Either you’ll totally get it, or you’ll find it to be utter shite - there is ZERO in between. I tend to find myself in the camp of the former, but make up your own mind. Stream THY KINGDOM CUM now via the Bandcamp link, or own it for a mere $6.66, the bargain of the beast….
Track Listing

1. Ruptureholyhymen
2. Foul the Air with Blasphemy
3. Denounce Him
4. False Doctrina
5. Definite Atonement
6. Thy Kingdom Cum
7. Ropes of Hatred
8. Water to Blood


Paul Ledney – Drums, Vocals
John Gelso – Guitars, Bass

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