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November 2013
Released: 2013, Ektro Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

From what I've read so far concerning Finnish band Circle, their past discography covers the spectrum from Ambient Music to Noise and Krautrock. The original band members decided to form another project called Falcon (ex-Circle) while loaning the Circle moniker to other musicians. Hence, we get this Death Metal record from a group of musicians from the Finnish scene, appropriately titled "Incarnation", which although steeped in the Death Metal sound, contains elements that add an atmospheric layer to the music.

The five songs on this record all allow the arrangements to evolve into certain sonic landscapes where distortion and feedback consume everything around them. Vocals are low growls for the most part, but there are areas where screams, grunts and even some distant chanting are incorporated."Transcending" is a great example of how the musicians involved on this record play with the idea of creating an atmospheric Death Metal sound: the song's marching drum beat is expanded upon by guitars, samples, feedback and screams, building up to a noisy crash. On the other hand, songs like "Incarnation", "Infamy" and "Bloodstreams" follow a more common Death Metal formula with some dissonant guitar chords being implemented. These songs reminded me of Immolation in some aspects, as well as bands like Incantation and Miasma. There's even a certain Punk-ish influence on sections of "Bloodstreams" and album closer "Burden". The latter actually sounds like something Killing Joke or new Amebix would record. The song turns out to be quite different from the rest of the record, yet I enjoyed it.

I truly enjoyed this album, and I hope that this group of musicians remain together even if they decide to drop the Circle name to allow others to use it. The music on this release was very well put together with tons of atmosphere. Maybe they can integrate the influences of the last song of the record to other songs and see what happens. Still, as it is, this version of the band did a wonderful job here.

Review by Titus Isaac López
Track Listing

1. Incarnation
2. Infamy
3. Transcending
4. Bloodstreams
5. Burden


Rami Simelius
Ville Valavuo
Tommi Sookari
Markus Hietamies
Jussi Rajala



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