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My Inner Burning
Dead And Gone
November 2013
Released: 01/1, Independant
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The Foundation stone was laid for MY INNER BURNING was in May 2008. At that time, the two of ( Nik and sour ) , we took the first demo " Fuck you all " on still under the band name The Core . A bass player ( Cliff ) and a second guitarist and vocalist was found quickly ( Deibl ) . The search for a suitable singer / in was a little bit difficult. Only in November 2008, with Becky found the perfect cast joined the band and the demo could be completed. This suggested already in the shortest time high waves in the scene..But after a turbulent year in 2012 with many personnel reshuffles , the newly formed band in 2013 presented as a quartet with the new singer Cecile Beelmann and Erik Klingebiel on drums.

When I was given “Dead and Gone” to review my first thought were I do like the art work, then after some research I discovered that the guys had sacked their record label and decided to go at it alone…This is what I like a band that will not back down and stop.

So what can I say about “ Dead and Gone” well to sum it up WOW. What a breath of fresh air “My Inner Burning” are a female fronted rock band that don’t sound like Nightwish, and these guys really pack a solid punch into the riffs and vocals, and Cecile could really teach some other females that a woman’s voice is as powerful as any mans and they have a far greater range.

And the range of the shear talent that “My Inner Burning” have all falls into place within the first track “Nothing In Between”, this song has so much happening but it is all great, and nothing out powers anything else. The next few tracks that follow “Alive, Beneath the Willow and Illusions” really do leave you breathless and trying to grasp back the reality that has been torn away from your soul. I know a few Metal heads that are not really keen on Female Fronted bands, but I do believe that once they have heard “My Inner Burning” a new path will be forged.

Now if I had to choose a track to say yep that makes the album, I would have to say sorry I can’t choose a single track. Each song that has been written, performed and mastered for the album has it’s own unique feel, and has it’s own part to play in the history of the band..

This is a great Album and deserves a place within you collection. And all I can say is Well done to My Inner Burning for not standing down, not giving up and still producing some of the greatest music
Track Listing

1: Nothing In Between
2: Alive
3: Beneath the Willow
4: Illusions
5: The One
6: Feeding The Beast
7:I come Undone
8:Queen of the Night
9: It all Falls Apart
10: Swallowing the River
11: Tell Me Why
12: The Secret
13: Across the fire


Cecile Beelmann
Torsten Sauerbrey
Jörg Janssen
Erik Klingebiel

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