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Starwolf-Pt. 1-The Messengers
November 2013
Released: 2013, Massacre Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Another first for, our first Messenger review. It’s about time we paid attention to this German band, this is their fifth album! We have some catching up to do. The band formed in 1990, churned out a couple of albums and took a long, dozen year break before guitarist Patrick Deckarm, the sole survivor regrouped and continued on.

Messenger seem to be achieving some stability as STARWOLF is the time ever, that the band has had the same line-up for two albums in a row. They also have the added push of getting signed to Massacre and broader exposure and appeal. STARWOLF (Full title of Part I-The Messengers) has a wicked cover to match the Space Opera theme of the lyrics. The art reminds me the last Kerion album, CLOUDRIDERS PART I-THE ROAD TO SKYCITY.

As mentioned STARWOLF is a concept album based on a Science-fiction novel and the whole ideas is pirates in outer-space, which makes sense when you have songs titled ‘ Pirates In Space’. There is a strong Running Wild feel in the bands music and again that is not surprising given the bands choice of cover tunes, namely Running Wild’s ‘Port Royal’ and vocalist Siegfried does a great Rock ‘n’ Rolf impression. He can also hit some incredible high notes as heard on the beginning of ‘Chosen One’. He is nicely backed up by some good gang vocals as well adding that punch to the choruses. The album churns along at a good pace, mid-tempo to fast most of the time with good punchy guitar tome and lots of good metalized riffs. The drums are lively with lots of good tom work and rolls to keep it vibrant. There is another cover in the form of the supremely cool ‘Black Bone Song’ originally by Zed Yago. What a great choice and it could not be better because they got Jutta Weinhold to sing. It is a brilliant rendition. Elsewhere on the album Ralf Scheepers adds some vocal firepower as well on the track ‘Salvation’, his voice instantly recognizable. The album ends on a strong note with a slower, brooding track, the Manowar inspired ‘Born to Face The Wind’.

I am almost certain that STARWOLF will be Messengers breakout album and get them the attention and respect they deserve. Hats off to Patrick for keep the flame burning all these years. His dedication to true Metal is paying off and this superb album is the proof.
Track Listing

1. Raiders of Galaxy
2. The Spectre
3. Salvation
4. Pirates of Space
5. Chosen One
6. Earth, Water and Power
7. Reign of the Righteous
8. Thousand Suns of Eternity
9. Starwolf
10. The Path of Science
11. Born to Face the Wind


Siegfried Schüßler Vocals
Patrik Deckarm Guitar
Frank Kettenhofen Guitar
Benny Strauß Bass
Markus Merl Drums

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