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Kill Division
Destructive Force
November 2013
Released: 2013, Metal Blade Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Straight out of the Netherlands comes Kill Division, a trio composed of former members of bands such as Asphyx, God Dethroned, Legion of the Damned, Cliteater and Inhume. With such references, it comes as no surprise that this band is a Grindcore Death Metal monster. Susan Gerl of God Dethroned fame, handles guitar and vocal duties, this being her first experience as lead singer (apparently, she had done backing vocals previously), and I must say that she has done a kick ass job: her vocal style varies from a low growl to tortured Black Metal-like shrieks. If there is one word to describe this record, it's brutal. There's just no breathers here, as the band keeps pummeling the listener with fast paced guitar riffs and unrelenting fast drums. The bass, though, is pretty much inaudible throughout the record, buried somewhere in the band's sound. Still, the guitars are massive and very well played, making up for the lost bass sound.

The album opens with an intro that sounds like an army march, with guitars and growled vocals chanting "Kill Division! Kill Division"; this leads up to the opener "Mechanic Domination" in which the band let loose with the brutality. The album is unrelenting, though there are sections which are more catchy, such as the choruses for both "Fear of Life" and "Locked up Forever", in which the band slows down and the song titles are growled. The title track is actually one of the highlights on this release, with some Thrash Metal inspired riffs mixed with the Death Metal brutality of the first half of the album. "Sadistic Oppressor" and the Slayer-inspired "Generated Hate" also mix some Thrash Metal inspired arrangements with Death Metal. These songs are great and stood out for me. The rest of the record is also pretty good, though, and even though the band is not doing anything that has not been done before, I found the brutality of "Toxic World" and the slow crawl of "Master Manipulator" interesting and kept my attention as I headbanged to those songs.

Overall, as mentioned above, Kill Division are not here to start any new style of Metal, but rather, they take that which they know how to handle and forge an album that is intense. While the intensity and brutality may overwhelm some listeners, others will definitely welcome the directness of this band. While some of the hyper-brutal bands just throw guitar riff after guitar riff without any thematic coherence, the strentgh of Kill Division is that they create their songs around guitar riffs that complement one another. The blasting drums do not drown out the riffs, which is also a plus, and considering that this the band's debut record, "Destructive Force" is a solid Death Metal release.

Review by Titus Isaac López
Track Listing

01. Kill Division March
02. Mechanic Domination
03. Fear of Life
04. Locked Up Forever
05. Made of Lies
06. Destructive Force
07. Sadistic Oppressor
08. Distorted Reality
09. Generated Hate
10. Master Manipulator
11. Toxic World


Susan Gerl - guitars/vocals
Richard Ebisch - guitars/bass/vocals
Roel Sanders - drums

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