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November 2013
Released: 2013, STF Records / M-System Germany / CMS Digital: Rebeat Digital
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Greek/Swedish metallers InsIDeaD have been around for a number of years now, long enough for their playing and songwriting to mature and culminate in their latest release; ‘Eleysis.’ And if this is, like myself, your first introduction to the band, then I hope you find the welcome as warm and headbanging as I did.

The album came to me under the heading ‘folk death’ but I’m glad to say there is not even a hint of Finntroll. Rather, what you get is well crafted European melodeath with Greek mythology-centred lyrics and themes. Not a single Lai Hei, just a bit of askomandoura and possibly a bit of bouzouki here and there.

The songs are all very well paced with driving, forward leaning beats and rhythms reminiscent of the most eager thrash and Gothenburg bands with whom InsIDeaD no doubt claim allegiance. Lightly interspersed with these pounding, somewhat disconcertingly catchy tracks are slightly more laid-back numbers such as ‘The Cave Myth,’ bringing back memories of The Haunted circa-rEVOLVEr, before they lost their way slightly. It’s easy to see the band take their art seriously and as title-track Eleysis rolls around (which could possibly have done without the orchestral oohs and aahs and gone for something slightly more understated) the hooks are well and truly sinking in. George T’s slightly monotone vocals begin to get a bit over-familiar by this point but the album’s stunning riff and lead work and rhythm changes more than keep me interested.

Recorded at the band’s personal studio in Greece and polished up by mix-master Logan Mader, this is a very well produced album befitting of the band’s proficient musicality and cultural backgrounds. A must for Gothenburg melodeth fans.

Review by; Kevin Griffiths.
Track Listing

1. We The Hellenes
2. Together In One
3. The Cave Myth
4. Reign Into The Light
5. Eleysis
6. Athena
7. The 7 Dogs
8. Zero Point
9. Alexander


Vocals & Guitar:George T.
Guitar: Jim T
Bass: Nick M
Drums & Backing Vocals: Jim M

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