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In the Burial
Born of Suffering
November 2013
Released: 2013, PRC Music
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

IN THE BURIAL first unleashed it’s sound upon the world in 2007 with a short 4-track demo. Since then the band seemingly dropped out of existence. 2013, a whole 6 years after their original release the band return with their debut studio album BORN OF SUFFERING. Quickly picked up by Canadian label PRC music, this quintet from down under are ready to invade the world. With the market for technical death metal already heavily oversaturated, does this band really have what it takes to rise above the masses?

The album itself is a haze of furious beats and wandering guitar riffs. While this may sound like the basis of any great technical death metal track, BORN INTO SUFFERING falls well short of the infinitely precise delivery that is key to any great album in this genre. The drums are over triggered wiping any kind of human feeling out of the performance to the point where any listener could not be blamed for believing that it was a machine behind the sound rather than a player. This is particularly evident during faster drummed sections where the sound blends and becomes more like a pneumatic drill than a drum kit. Their lack of variation quickly becomes grinding, saved only briefly during a solo in ‘Amarnthine’s Departure.’ The guitar riffs, although well thought out, add no rhythmic merit, seeming to work to their own tempo and beat between the drums.

The real winning performance is Andy Kite’s performance. Switching between tormented black screeching and deep guttural vocals, it reflects everything this album is about. BORN INTO SUFFERING does two things well, brutality and utter chaos. It’s downfall is that everything has just been done too extreme. Too many triggers and too much repetition really put a dent in what could have been a well-executed album. I wouldn’t write this band off just yet though. This album conveys a schizophrenic madness that could, with a little more refinement, unleash a monster of an album next time round. IN THE BURIAL may be preparing to take on the world, but they’re not quite ready yet.

Review by Caitlin Smith
Track Listing

1. Born of suffering
2. Scourge of humanity
3. Mala evolutione
4. Amarnthine's departure
5. Portantes de morte
6. Bleeding the innocent
7. Solace in the arms of the dead
8. Mortuary procession
9. Merciless Carnage
10.In death... absolution


Andy Kite - Vocals, Keyboard
Pete Clarke - Guitar
Mark Hillary - Guitar
Nathan Everard - Bass
Fox - Drums

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