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In Solitude
November 2013
Released: 2013, Metal Blade Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

It has been just over two years since In Solitude’s Metal Blade debut; two years which have seen the band receive endless amounts of praise and earn tours most bands would self-mutilate for. This aside, the band has not got swept up in the commercial winds of an occult rock revival as much as some of their peers have, particularly those from Sweden too. Hoping to fly away from tags of “New Mercyful Fate” or “Sounds Like Iron Maiden!” In Solitude have come to a stage in their career where they have found their own identity.

As the introductory He Comes leaves and Death Knows Where pierces through, it is obvious that the band has matured and developed in the very best sense since The World. The Flesh. The Devil. The riffs are groovier and far less predictable, the choruses are as majestic as a religious procession and the production makes this record sound like it was recorded rough and ready in 1970. With devil riddled hard rock becoming ever more popular, some may be wondering where the band has gone with such a key follow up to their 2011 success.

Ultimately, it seems that the band has truly become their own entity on this record, with a more mature and slightly more accessible sound than has been heard before. Weather this change in such a direction was a commercially pressured decision in order to soak up a larger fan base or an artistic vision which was fulfilled in these 8 tracks, it is for no-one to say, or particularly care about; but let’s just say, this Swedish five-pieces goals are certainly not about selling unit.

In Solitude’s inner creativity is full flowing here and with the psychedelic grooves of A Buried Sun to keep you occupied, there are few complaints to be had, and as title track Sister rolls in, it’s obvious that In Solitude are going to be able to add some new fan favourites to their live set.

Things come to a natural close with the (perhaps overly) lengthy Inmost Nigredo. For eight tracks of sinister hard rock, it will be very tricky to beat this year. In Solitude can look forward to strengthening their core-fan base with another great album, and also look forward to welcoming a few newer members to their sacrilegious cult.

Review by Jarod Lawley
Track Listing

1. He Comes
2. Death Knows Where
3. A Buried Sun
4. Pallid Hands
5. Lavender
6. Sister
7. Horses In The Ground
8. Inmost Nigredo


Niklas Lindström: Guitar
Gottfrid Åhman: Bass
Pelle Åhman: Vocals
Uno Bruniusson: Drums
Henrik Palm: Guitar

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