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Handful Of Hate
To Perdition
November 2013
Released: 2013, Code666
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Now celebrating 20 years of their career, Handful Of Hate have come back re-energised and ready to vomit forth more black ferocity onto world, this his time with their sixth full length album, “To Perdition”, which is to be released on November 12th. After fours since their last record, “You Will Bleed”, which made no major waves in the world of black metal, there’s little pressure on the Italians to turn out one of their best records, which seems to have had both positive and negative results.

The aural assault begins with no hesitation, as the hyper speed title track breaks the silence, a silence which will go on for eleven more tracks. As the evil riffs rise up through the pits of hell, way is made for Nicola Bianchi’s to come into the mix. Unfortunately, the growls are a disappointing mixture of overly processed and overly forced spits out of poorly executed fury. Sure, the intention is there, but the sound is unlikely to please many fans of what would be considered “well done” black metal shrieks. On the plus side, they are fairly low in the mix and don’t distract too much from what’s going on elsewhere. “Swines Graced Gods” shows the bands more technical and brutal death metal influences, with a display of sweeping chromatic dissonance from guitarists Nicola and Deimos. This is all backed up with an atmospheric section of six string ostinatos at the middle, and a rather beautiful, repeated section towards the end, which conjures up typical mental images of endless snow-topped mountainous peaks above the infinite forest.

“Demnatio Ad Bestias” wraps things up with more of the same relentless speed heard on pretty much every track, but with the album seeming to run through relatively quickly, there’s not much time for a loss of concentration or attention. Having said this, more variation in the tracks would have certainly done the band many favours in making this LP a more interesting and engaging listen. With the black metal genre being over saturated as it is, I won’t be surprised if in another four year’s time, this is just another CD on the shelf, rarely played and rarely talked about

Review by Jarod Lawley
Track Listing

1. To Perdition
2. Far Beyond All Scourges
3. Swines Graced Gods
4. Cursed Be Your Breast
5. Caro Data Vermibus
6. Larvae
7. Ornaments for Derision
8. Ex Abrupto
9. Words Like Worms
10. Feeding Suggerings
11. Damnatio Ad Bestias


Nicola - Vox/Guitar Deimos - Guitar Nicholas - Bass Aeternus - Drums

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