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Void Moon
On The Blackest Of Nights
November 2012
Released: 2012, Cruz Del Sur
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Waspman

It seems like everyone is getting in on the doom metal bandwagon these days, including the folks at the venerable Cruz Del Sur Records. These guys are one of the most dependable labels in the business, so when the sign a band, that comes with instant expectations.

That can be a lot to live up to for any band, let alone a new one with no proven track record. That being said, Swedish newbies Void Moon acquit themselves quite well on this, their debut album. Throughout the album’s 40 minutes, the band stays true to the mold crafted by Black Sabbath all those years ago – slow, crushing doom with definite forward mass (i.e. this is not funeral doom). “Hammer of Eden” establishes the template and rarely does the band stray from it for the rest of the album, although there are a couple of instrumental respites (“Psychic Bleeding” and “The Burning Court”) to vary up the flow. The band certainly achieves the oppressive atmosphere that all good doom conjures but sadly, the riffs all feel a bit uninspired if not totally recycled from other bands. Further, Jonas Gustavsson’s vocals are equally characterless. He’s certainly not bad, but he does not stand out from the pack.

ON THE BLACKEST OF NIGHTS is a good first step for Void Moon, but it’s not an essential listen, except for true doom aficionados. If the band can develop their riffs and vocals a bit further, they may be onto something, but for now, this album can’t quite rise above background listening.
Track Listing

1. Hammer of Eden
2. On the Blackest of Nights
3. Psychic Bleeding
4. The Word and the Abyss
5. Cyclops
6. The Burning Court
7. Through the Gateway
8. Among the Dying
9. The Mourning Son


Jonas Gustavsson: Vocals, Guitar
Erika Wallberg: Guitar
Peter Svensson: Bass
Thomas Hedlund: Drums



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