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By the Patient
November 2012
Released: 2012, Deathbound Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Describing this band I arrived at the word progressive, not, however, due to their music style, but their career path. Having released their first album “Servants” in Europe in 2011 which catapulted the band into the death metal scene, they have released their sophomore album a year later through Deathbound Records. The lads in “By The Patient” from Denmark have really landed with the release of “Premonitions” in September, and the album is set to send the band soaring into the arena with the best death metal bands in Europe.

The overall sound of the album is satisfying, a great mix of musicianship and brilliant production. As for the content itself, I found very few faults, from start to finish this album offers you a killer vocal performance from Tan Mohl Hansen and some fantastic melodies and guitar leads from Simon Sonne Andersen and Theis Wilmer Poulsen, relentless drumming from Adam Schonemann and bringing the rumble Copenhagen is Troels Cort Nielsen on Bass.

I found myself appreciating this album a lot more than I have done with artists I have listened to for the first time recently, I fell in love with the flow and structure and the fact that the band have managed to combine their heaviness with their melodic sections of songs almost perfectly and I found no predictability or cliché segments, which so many bands seem to have become accustomed to these days.

Some of the musical endeavours which are explored on this album remind me a lot of the melodic gods of Insomnium and Amon Amarth, with some songs undertaking the slower, more melodic twinge and others applying the relentless punch in the face that leaves you bruised, only to be healed again by a melodic signature track. Indeed, this album has separated the men from the boys, as it explores a whole new venture in metal for the band, and I can see this chapter of the band’s journey being very well received, and power to the band for a good decision regarding their musical direction and embracing their Scandinavian roots.

It is songs like “Where Time Collapsed”, “Premonotions” and “Oceans of Emptiness” that will put this album on the map of metal for the masses. The band’s apocalyptic, blackened sound has been placed upon the throne of this album, and in front of it, kneeling in worship, are the lengthy instrumental sections and relentless blast beats which, together, have compiled a brilliant album.

Overall this is definitely one of the best Danish metal albums I’ve heard since “The Audio Injected Soul” from “Mnemic”. The album offers variety, with a fantastic mix of contemporary death metal, modern melodic metal and a slight dose of their own elements which make this album a definite recommendation for all metal heads.

Whether this album will be a world beater, we are yet to see. I anticipate a great reception and can only hope the quality of the album is mimicked by their live performance.

Review by Andrew May
Track Listing

1. Distorted Mirror Image
2. Hours of Mist
3. Veil of Depression
4. Where Time Collapsed
5. Eyes
6. Premonitions
7. All is Valid
8. Oceans of Emptiness
9. Forests


Tan Mohl-Hansen - Vocals
Simon Sonne Andersen - Guitar
Troels Cort Nielsen - Bass
Theis Wilmer Poulsen - Guitar
Adam Schonemann - Drums

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