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Torn the Fuck Apart
...The Dissection of Christ
November 2012
Released: 2012, Self Released
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: Aaron Yurkiewicz

On their sophomore effort …THE DISSECTION OF CHRIST, Kansas City’s Torn the Fuck Apart delve into the serious socio political topics of the day with a technical dexterity and emotive persuasion that’s rarely encountered within the realms of heavy music. Sweeping atmospheric passages, progressive arrangements, and choir of vocal harmonies build into a collection of engaging compositions.

Nah, I’m just f@#kin’ with ya, this is just another death metal band that sounds exactly like how you’d expect them to.

So maybe not entirely how you’d expect them to sound. Forgoing the gore tinged trappings that normally would accompany a moniker like Torn the Fuck Apart, …THE DISSECTION OF CHRIST directs that hostility and virulence towards all things related to the Christian mythos, and does so with a degree of technical dexterity that succeeds in getting your attention. It’s like a bus carrying the math metal kids careened into another bus carrying the gorehounds – it’s not a pleasant sight to see, but you can’t help but slow down to get a better view of the carnage.

The biggest hindrance on the album is that Torn the Fuck Apart try to cram so much into each tune, that nothing’s given an opportunity to stick. Crazy grind blasts are matched with arpeggio runs and deathcore breakdowns. I’ll give the band an “E” for effort – major props for trying something different, but they really need to harness some of the frenetic energy. It’s the difference between a complex and well thought out “song” and a collection of random ideas that are seated next to each other for 3 minutes at a shot. The only thing that sets the songs apart are the movie clip intros that tee up the beginning of most tracks.

Sooo…yeah... But hey, check out the band’s website for samples and info, and make up your own mind. Again, there’s some interesting ideas on …THE DISSECTION OF CHRIST, I just hope they’re better organized on the next album.
Track Listing

1. God's Blood Turned Black
2. Father of Filth
3. ...the Dissection of Christ
4. Our Serpent Savior
5. Bashed in Prophets
6. Purgatorium
7. Dead Religion
8. Decapitated Disciples
9. Crucifixion Infection
10. Angels Decayed in Dust


Deaffy - Bass
Jake Paige - Drums
Nick Yeates - Guitars
Michael Langner - Guitars, Vocals
Jeremy Langner - Vocals

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