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The Devil
The Devil
November 2012
Released: 2012, Candlelight/Silent City Release
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

The Devil are a London-based sextet, who are not a stereotypical metal bands, with the combination of soundtrack and select historical, political and conspiracy-laden speech samples have created something highly unique. With expressed interest from the director of the upcoming film “The Fury” James Colmer (Superman Returns, House of Wax, See No Evil and is expected early 2013) for soundtrack purposes. The band have been sparking an interest from Youtube visitors to film makers and music fans alike.

The album opens with a Gregorian chanting and haunting “Divinorum”, which opens up the style of the background music for the rest of the album. With the use of stock audio, conspiracy heavy track two; “Universe” the style carries on this strange entrancing vibe of engulfment. With beautifully gothic undertones with public information speech on top, which is a style found throughout the whole album, is an interesting approach to the idea of a metal album.

“Astral Dreamscape” uses the cleaver mind theatre technique being an instrumental that allows the listener to create their own image for the piece. The track has a sense that the listener being out in space, listening in to the activity on earth with occasional beeps and flowing part-transmissions. “World of Sorrow” is a horrifying re-account of the world trade centre news on top of music that is mood reflective to the events, which is saddening to listen to but evokes the emotional entailed.

“Devil & Mankind” has a sense of a psychological thriller with more historical conspiracy speech knitted into the piece. Along with instrumental piece “The Silent City” closing the chapter on this albums portion. “Akashic Enlightenment” opens the second chapter with another instrumental track that is string in-fused with the minds picture of light after the storm. The cinematic soundscape continues with “Extinction Level Event” which has a heavier background sound piece underneath for the subject matter of atomic weaponry. To Yin the yang “Intervention” has the historical speech from Martin Luther King underneath with inspiring music to compliment.

The piano heavy “Illuminati” with the engrossing ideals of the past speeches interwoven into the cinematic worthy soundtrack, with “Transcendence” following as another instrumental that sweeps in gracefully, before the dark tones of “Alternative Dimensions” sets in. The track addresses the Hellenologophobia [fear of science] notions from the past, with the fate of man being questioned. The final track “Ascension” that starts as a full on orchestration ending and then dissolves into a twenty minute drone piece that ends on the album with a bit of a sudden departure. Adding to the profound effect of the unique take on how an album should be. With the Dystopian heavy narrative and chaotic creation this is defiantly an album to give a listen to if searching for a new style.

Review by Ashlinn Nash
Track Listing

1. Divinorum
2. Universe
3. Astral Dreamscape
4. World of Sorrow
5. Devil & Mankind
6. The Silent City
7. Akashic Enlightenment
8. Extinction Level Event
9. Intervention
10. Illuminati
11. Transcendence
12. Alternative Dimensions
13. Ascension



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