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Skeletal Vortex (Remaster)
November 2012
Released: 2012, SFC Recrords
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

“Relentless” and “Monster”; albeit not my favourite soft drinks of all time, they’re definitely two words I’d use to accurately describe the re-release of Lousiana’s brutal death metal heads Suture, whether this is in a good way remains to be seen. Hailing from the swamplands, Suture have been showering blood over the metal scene since 1998 with a line-up change which seems to have now taken shape. The band has 3 demos (all available as a compilation) and 2 albums, including this one which has been re-mastered from it’s 2008 release.

Having never heard the band before or any of their releases, I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially when I saw the track names and artwork. I find that people become accustomed to making associations with a band’s music and their artwork/song names, and I wasn’t far off. Skeletal Vortex delivers a crushing blend of death metal and technical metal, and the two make frequent appearances throughout the album, almost to the point of no return. The relentless blasting of the drums sets the scene for the album after the needless intro has finished, typically accompanied by thrashing riffs all over the place with a deep death growl. Suffices to say this is what any death metal fan can expect from an album in the first few tracks. This aspect I wasn’t a fan of as such, however the are some progressive elements to the band and some sections of the album which make it stand out just that little bit, pushing it out of the horrible zone of just another death metal band, or does it?

The title track brings more groove and a slower (but still brutal) tempo, which affects the album as it plays almost like a concept album, it took me by surprise when I checked back to my media player to see the song had changed. This track brings some sensational riffs with elements of doom and some intricate and technical drumming, a very technical piece and probably the best song on the album.

Having said that, some of the album is very mundane and pedestrian and I can imagine the album being very difficult for new listeners to take it to bed with them every night. The production on the album is quite tinny, however the individual talents are more than respectable, and you can hear such influences as Deicide, but bar a few tracks this album is tedious at times and is not easy to listen to on a regular basis.

I don’t want to cast Suture under the umbrella of wannabe death metal bands who all aspire to be the same, because the album does show some diversity with some fantastic musicianship and some great structuring and vocals, albeit still not the greatest listen. The main problem with this album is that when you hear something that’s approaching the boundaries of genius, it wont be long before the inane, blasting drums return with a guitar that sounds like a wasps nest. If you’re going to buy the album then Skeletal Vortex, Opprobbruim and Chaossuary are all good listens (Chaossuary clocking in at over ten minutes).

Would I buy this album? Personally? I wouldn’t. An album for me needs more than 2 or 3 stand out songs and most of the others genuinely do sound far too similar for me to go up to my friends and tell them to check out certain songs. Apart from the guitar and drums, at times, sounding like two children in a screaming contest, you cannot take away from this album the small elements of genius and fantastic musicianship. If that’s enough for you, then this is your album.

Review by Andrew May
Track Listing

1. Oblivion
2. Escaping the Confines of my Skin
3. Skeletal Vortex
4. Opprobbruim
5. Black Blood Progeny
6. Exiled to Undead
7. Crude Methods of Punishment
8. In a State of Progressive Disintegration
9. Overseer to the End of Days
10. Chaossuary


Jayson Ramsay - Vocals
Jason McIntyre - Guitar
Lance Strickland - Guitar
Bruno Muenster - Bass
Brent Smith

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