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Enslaved by Fear
November 2012
Released: 2012, Unique Leader Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Beneath, an Icelandic five piece death metal band whose album “Enslaved by Fear” is one that instantly delights the more extreme side of music fan. Waste no time with the opening track “As god’s walk the earth” which has the instantaneously recognisable piercingly fast drum beats, enough to make your jaw instantly drop with how heavy the opening track really is, with styling’s that sound like Nile and Kataklysm the opening track is brutally stunning.

The album continues in the same extreme vein with “Lies of the dead” Which focuses more on the crunch of slow guitars with accompanying fret tapping that flow in sounding more Gojira-influenced in harmonics. Which sets up the way for the albums’ title track Enslaved by fear” which is a collage of impressively sliced and arrange guitar licks with a beautiful clean interlude at about two minutes in gives the listener not only a head banging break but really sets up the velocity of the tracks integrity to the max.

“No one above” and “Heretics” follow up, being the shortest tracks on the album they are the perfect mid-album bridges to the next portion, as exploration of the band’s signature guitar work roams free during “Heretics”. “Bloodlust” welcomes the deep cavern of despair vocals back again with the growl that means business as the song chugs along with more melody and noticeably more complicated bass lines.

The album’s stream of constant darker guitar work takes a delightfully welcomed break with “Writhe” which has the perfect complimentary dose of clean looping guitar sounds and machine gun drumming. Soon enough however the deeper tones return with the penultimate track “monolith” Which is a slow burner with the deep guitar tones, and feedback ringing over the sound waves. “Sacrificial Ritual” is unfortunately over before it starts as it speeds through the track, demanding an instant re-listen as the album ends with an Yyrkoon styled track.

The album, overall is a beautifully brutal slice of Icelandic metal.

Review by Ashlinn Nash
Track Listing

1- As god’s walk the earth
2- Lies of the dead
3- Enslaved by Fear
4- No one above
5 - Heretics
6- Bloodlust
7- Writhe
8- Monolith
9- Sacrificial ritual


Gísli Sigmundsson - vocals
Jóhann Ingi Sigurðsson - guitar
Unnar Sigurðsson - guitar
Gísli Rúnar Guðmundsson - bass
Ragnar Sverrisson – drums

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