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Melencolia Estatica
November 2012
Released: 2012, Temple of Torturous
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Starting with the sounds of a church bell ringing it kicks straight into the deep dark sounds of Black Metal and an evil grin suddenly appeared on my face as I eagerly awaited the lyrics.

The lyrics are deep, dark and filled with hatred…everything which makes me immensely happy, well in a sadistic kind of way, also with the eerie, yet beautiful sounds of a women in the background…but this is not just any woman, as this one of the most ambitious women in Black Metal and Melencolia Estatica is in fact the sole vision of hers! It’s Climaxia herself who has made this band one of Italy’s premiere black metal bands this past decade.

‘Hel’ is now her third and latest release which just sees her growing bolder, darker and more daring. The album is inspired by Fritz Lang's masterpiece ‘Metropolis’ and is a cruel vision of reality where hope is nothing but a shivering dream, a short moment suffocated by the greyness of factories’ background, with the repetitive ticking of the clock of modernity that consumes mankind, a golden age of slavery where spirit is just a number to be forgotten.

This is one truly unique and different album but one that I instantly feel in love with.

It has a dark haunting feel throughout and has a dream like feel to it, despite its genre and darkness. Afthenktos vocals are slower and deeper than in most black metal bands and have elements of blackened death and doom.

This isn’t going to be an album for everyone but I urge you to listen to it, because it is wonderfully twisted and it may just pull you under…like it did me! Definitely an album for those dark and twisted souls out there and one of my favourite releases this year!

Review by Jo Blackened
Track Listing

1. HEL I
5. HEL V


Climaxia: Guitars, bass, concept, vocal orchestrations

Session Member on ‘Hel’:

Afthenktos: lyrics and vocals
Thorns: drums

Live Session Members on ‘Hel’

Climaxia: guitars
Afthenktos: vocals
Noxifero: guitars
Thorns: drums

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