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Free At Last
November 2012
Released: 2012, Graviton
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I had been promising this young band from Slovenia that I would review their album for quite some time but I held back. While I don’t mind melodic Death Metal it was the bands metalcore elements that had me hesitating. I wasn’t sure that our more traditional readership would appreciate a band like Inmate. However, after several listens, the album grew on me to where I can certainly see the merit of what they are doing.

This quartet from Slovenia are quite new to the Metal game with this album FREE AT LAST being their 50 minute long debut. The songs are pretty short and punchy and the guitar tone is pretty thick. Then of course there are the quintessential roaring vocals on the aggressive parts and the clean vocal on the melodic chorus parts. The band avoids too many overplayed breakdowns and tend to keep the pace pretty quick and very wisely adds some decent soloing, like the one heard on the song ‘Healing’. It’s a surprisingly tuneful solo, which is very performed. The title track is actually a short instrumental, quite nicely written breaking up the pace of the album. There is also an intro called ‘Inmate and an outro piece cleverly titled ‘Outmate’! There are some nice gang vocals as well, that offset the more growled vocal lines. The pace of the album is diverse, fast at times, some nicer slow sections filtered in and some more traditional guitar lines here are there. The band is modern and heavy but without going too far into the whole Metalcore angle.

Despite my initial hesitation, this album isn’t bad at all, leaning more to the melodic Death (closer to thrash actually) side of the equation, with good songs, good energy and good attitude. I think the excellent guitar work really save this from being a conventional or dull album. FREE AT LAST is definitely worth checking out for fans of the style.
Track Listing

1. Inmate
2. Without Warning
3. Written in Blood
4. Overcome
5. Healing
6. Fire, Walk with Me
7. Angels
8. Promises
9. Victorious
10. Free at Last
11. Inexorable Path
12. Lost in Words
13. Out of the Darkness
14. Outmate


Rok Miklavzina Vocals
Andrej Bezjak Guitars
Ales Kroflic Guitars
Saso Bandalo Bass
Jure Grudnik Drums

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