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Of Alpha and Omega
November 2012
Released: 2012, Independent
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

“Of Alpha and Omega” is the debut release from Virginia blackened death - metallers Ikkadian. The album was an independent and self - released effort and, unfortunately, it really showed.

There are certain things that I can allow for on certain albums and there are always going to be issues with most albums but some more detrimental than others, but production and sound quality, for me, detracts from most of the positives an album may have, and that is this the case with this release.

It is, indeed, a great shame. There are bits of the album that stick out like an athlete in Burger King, but they’re shrouded and almost hidden but a lack of production and sound quality, particularly with the duel vocals which, at times, made me want to turn off. The same can be said about the sound of the guitar solos, the songs “Lambs Before Lions” and “Lotus” are good examples of an undesired guitar sound with drumming which complements it by being just as lacklustre in sound.

Having said that, I cannot take away the effort the guys have put in to make this album. It has some great hooks, some fantastic riffs and a decent structure and I’m by no means saying it’s not worth a listen, but by no means is it one of the top debut albums to be released this year.

Taking out the guitar solo, “Lotus” is the track of the album, which is followed by two more decent tracks with some great melodies and some hooks that will remind you of where classic blackened death came from. However the album overall is rather samey besides the few outstanding listens.

The female vocals are a welcome surprise (sorry to ruin it for you) in the track “Archangel” but again it seems hindered by the poor sound quality and may have some listeners begging the skies above to let them enjoy it, but instead are tempted to bang their head against the wall in frustration.

As stated previously, this album is in no way a “bad” album, it’s just very frustrating as I can imagine it would be ten times better with a proper sound as musically it is a decent effort.

Would I buy this album? If you can get over elements of shoddy sound and half decent production then I recommend this for you death - metallers out there. For those of you looking for a more complete sound, then I’d very much hope that their next album is in the safe, nurturing hands of a record label.

Review by Andrew May
Track Listing

1. Adversary
2. Lambs Before Lions
3. The Divine Will
4. Sophia
5. The Mad Arab
6. Lotus
7. Archangel
8. Relentless March Towards Apocalypse
9. Alpha
10. Omega


John Cornnell - Guitar/Bass
Michael Arcane - Vocals
Donny Doss - Drums

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