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Broken Hearts & Fallaparts
May 2014
Released: 2014, Gain Music
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

SuperCharger are well liked in Denmark. They've won awards and everything for previous releases HAND GRANDE BLUES (2009) and THAT'S HOW WE ROLL (2011). But the home crowd are like that aren't they? Thing is with more rock n roll leanings than countrymen Volbeat, and with the kind of brash attitude that used to be brought by Backyard Babies, there's stuff for everyone else to like as well.

If rock n roll is your thing, and we mean kick the throttle, dance on the tables, fun-time rock, then BROKEN HEARTS & FALLAPARTS could get quite cosy on your stereo. Or your iThing. Or that gadget that beams songs straight into your brain – you know whatever kids these days play their music on. (Sure as hell ain't a Walkman). Kind of a shame because SuperCharger are the kind of band that one time you could have broken a Walkman to.

“Like A Pit Bull” may slobber and snarl from the start, but as with much of the album if you're looking for lyrical substance you won't find it here. Mikkel Neperus sings them all with gusto though and his voice goes from raspy to punky with ease. “From The Gutter” is a 'we're a band' song which doesn't bring anything new to the story, but continues to make it fun to listen to, and “Blood Red Lips”, which features Mustasch's Ralf Gyllenhammar and David Johannesson, is rock at its bawdy best.

“Supercharged” is SuperCharger's mission statement, a good hard stare in the eyes for any newbies, and surely a live anthem for welcoming the crowds. “Get What You Deserve” musically sticks the boot in, whilst “Suzi The Uzi” is let down by its ropey chorus featuring hyper-cutesy but nondescript female interjections. Shame because at its heart its a rocking, piano-heavy tune.

It's the wealth of ideas that makes BROKEN HEARTS & FALLAPARTS interesting, because whilst the lyrical ideas may be as thin as an over-worn pair of tights, musically everything from banjo, harmonica,and piano rub up against the usual suspects. Most of the tracks actually have their own identity, and some of them are surprising.

See “Hung Over In Hamburg” which tries a bluegrass opening that quickly cuts to a heavier incarnation with a great sing-along chorus, and the acoustic closer of “Goodbye Copenhagen”. It's quite a departure from the rest of SuperCharger's amped offerings, more melancholic than mad one, and perhaps for the first time on the album gives you room to consider just what is being said.

You may not remember all the songs in the morning, but BROKEN HEARTS & FALLAPARTS will show you a good time the night before and sometimes that's all you want from music. After all it's usually the good times that you want to relive.

Review by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs
Track Listing

1. Like A Pit Bull
2. Supercharged
3. Blood Red Lips
4. Hold On Buddy
5. Five Hours Of Nothing
6. Yeah Yeah Yeah
7. Suzi The Uzi
8. Hung Over In Hamburg
9. Get What You Deserve
10. The Crash
11. From The Gutter
12. Goodbye Copenhagen


Mikkel Neperus - Vocals
Thomas Buchwald – Lead guitar
Benjamin Funk - Drums
Lars Rygaard – Piano, Bluesharp
Karsten Dines Johansen - Bass
Dennis Samaras - Guitar

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