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We Are Become Death
May 2014
Released: 2013, Coffee Jingle Records
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Southampton based 4 piece metal band Ravenous's heavy driving riffs featured on their debut album 'We Are Become Death' reminded me of bands such as Pantera and bands that have honed the same solid sound.

'Abhor' starts the album nicely, followed by the tracks 'Reverse (Sympathy)', 'Deathstiny' & 'Easter Is (We Become Death)' the riffs and drums are what usually get my attention followed by a great brutal vocal.

Sadly the vocalist lets the band down with the same type of vocals in every track which makes him sound like most vocalists from bands that originate from the United States. If he had tried various styles of vocals i would of give this album more of a higher rating if one of a band members is weak in one area it usually lets the band down and it certainly has done in my opinion.

It's a massive shame because musically the album is great it seems the vocalist is going down the route of channeling James Hetfield for his vocal style, I like James's vocal style he has many imitated too many times.

I would of enjoyed this album more if it was an instrumental band.

Review By Chris Hoyles
Track Listing

01 - Abhor
02 - Reverse (Sympathy)
03 - Suffocate
04 - Deathstiny
05 - Easter Island (We Are Become Death)
06 - Ravenous
07 - Alone
08 - The Architect
09 - The Strawman


Dave Game, Vocals
Lead Guitar, Adam Robbins
Rhythm Guitar, Rich Giles
Drums, Leon Maidment

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