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Pet The Preacher
The Cave & The Sunlight
May 2014
Released: 2014, Napalm Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

There's just three members to Pet The Preacher. Hold that fact in your mind for a moment because you'll want to refer back to it when THE CAVE & THE SUNLIGHT starts spinning. You'll probably think you got it wrong you see, that this almighty stoner/blues racket is the work of more than six hands. Not for these Danes. And this is only their second album. Something else for you to think on.

“The Cave” beckons with a crooked finger and promises of what is to come, whilst “Let Your Dragon Fly” hits you upside the head with a sonic wing to make sure you haven't dropped off. It's noisy, it's buzzy, and it's brilliant. “Kamikaze Night” is just as potent with its rolling drum intro tickling your feet into a stomp – which is interesting given the apparent subject matter – and despite the name it never crashes into a flaming ball.

THE CAVE & THE SUNLIGHT is too well piloted for that, and on that front you have to give a nod to Christian Hede Madsen's sterling guitar riffs and compelling gravel-tone. Some people have just got a voice that you wanna listen to, Neil Fallon from Clutch is one of them, and maybe Madsen could be another. Certainly if Pet The Preacher were doing Sunday sermon the pews would be pretty tight.

The slowly undulating “Remains” has been playing around in Corrosion of Conformity's neck of the woods, whilst “Marching Earth Pt 1/2” have to go together, because that's the point of parts. Sure you can listen to them separately, and in that case I'd say “Pt 2” has the edge, but then you're only getting half the picture. God knows Van Gogh may have cut an ear off but he never went slicey with the artwork.

Heavy nodder “The Pig & The Haunted” lays down the perfect groove for Madsen's vocals, and the largely instrumental “What Now” shows the authority in Pet The Preacher's writing as it winds down to a slow bass jam before exploding back in a cymbal-led fury over and over again. And every time your heart jumps a bit because even anticipated that crescendo has power. “I'm Not Gonna” takes the prize though - slide guitar, frenzied soloing, hefty riffs and the simple but hugely connective line “I can't make this as a one piece”. And they kept this until practically the very end? Shows how solid the whole album is.

Pet these guys? I'll give them a goddamn home for life if they keep making them like this. One things for sure music this good shouldn't be kept in a cave.

Review by Kirsty Birkett-Stubbs
Track Listing

1. The Cave
2. Let Your Dragon Fly
3. Kamikaze Night
4. Remains
5. Fire Baby
6. Marching Earth Pt.1
7. Marching Earth Pt.2
8 The Pig & The Haunted
9. What Now
10. I´m Not Gonna
11. The Web (Bonus Track)


Christian Hede Madsen – Guitars and vocals
Torben Wæver Pedersen – Bass, backing vocal
Christian Von Larsen - Drummer

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