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Nocturnal Breed
Napalm Nights
May 2014
Released: 2014, Agonia Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Norwegian hellions, Nocturnal Breed are striking hard with their new ‘nightly’ full-length album, NAPALM NIGHTS. This is the second album released after their 7 year of discographic absence (I mean the full-length album only).

There is a line-up classification with featuring of present and past members of Satyricon, Dimmu Borgir, Gehenna and Aeturnus. At last, original guitarist I. Maztor is back since 2011 and the new etry is V. Fineideath (guitars). Of course, there are guest appearances that make the final cut of the record much more delicious and attractive; guest appearance by Nocturno Culto (Darkthrone) on vocals (KRIGSHISSER D.N.K.) and backing vocals (SPEEDKRIEG, THE BITCH OF BUCKENWALD and THRASHIAC); and guest appearance by A.E. Rattlehead (Crest Of Darkness/ex-Nocturnal Breed) on solo guitar (THRASHIAC and UNDER THE WHIP)

NAPALM NIGHTS is totally, undoubtedly and a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y a classic extreme metal album-beast. And what exactly I mean by saying ‘extreme metal beast’ is that: a beast that grew up listening to old school thrash metal, it got black metal feelings and N.W.O.B.H.M. wings, and a Venom meets Sodom attitude. This album-beast is one of the most worthy and completed and best and greatest extreme things ever happened and gathered in only one record. The only one, NAPALM NIGHTS. Listen to the title track that stands splendidly and magnificently in the middle of the album and you will be aware of what I mean.

NAPALM NIGHTS includes songs with frenzied speed (“DAWN CAMPAINN…FLAMETHROWER RIDGE”), few of the catchiest guitar riffs ever recorded (“Napalm Nights”, “Speedkrieg” and the almighty opener “The Devil Swept The Ruins”) and a dark and thrashing atmosphere. The consistently competent delivery, the thick lowdown chords, delivering vocals, steady rhythm section, dynamic proficiency and attention to density all point that direction. Venom, Motorhead, Sodom, Sacred Reich, and all the N.W.O.B.H.M. bands (new and old) would be proud of NAPALM NIGHTS album.

Now, all the Demons that dwell in Hell’s Deep are vanquished, subjected and got under Nocturnal Breed’ whip and napalm belt. A cruel and extreme spirit is rising above the morass of all the extreme metal genres. This is an epic extreme undercurrent and the best Nocturnal Breed album to date. This record drifts from sonic blast beats to oppressive slower parts, melds together aggressive shredding with forceful riffs, and blends satanic whispers with S.A. Destroyer’s trademark vocals. On the whole, band's 10th album feels coherent and offers first-rate black metal.

A strong militant vibe is felt throughout the record. Additionally, its broad scope and dense so und recalls an act like Venom-meets-Sodom-meets-Sacred Reich and all of these- meets Norwegian black metal in a progressive channel. NAPALM NIGHTS is a strong, often devastating extreme metal record that every metal fan will remember and listen all the dark nights to come.
Track Listing

1. The Devil Swept The Ruins
2. Speedkrieg
3. Cursed Beyond Recognition
4. The Bitch of Buchenwald
5. Napalm Nights;
6. Thrashiac
7. Dawn Campaign... Flamethrower Ridge
8. Under The whip
9. Dragging The Priests
10. Krigshisser (D.N.K.)


S.A. Destroyer : vocals, bass
I. Maztor: Lead guita
Tex Terror: drum, vocals
V. Fineideath: guitars

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