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A Hatred Manifesto
May 2014
Released: 2014, Folter Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

There is nothing on Narbeleth's album that hasn't already been played by the likes of Marduk and Taake. A 'second wave' Black Metal, uncompromising in its intensity. A one man's army with Corpsepaint, leather and spikes. All of this plus the decent sound production will make "A Hatred Manifesto" appealing to Norwegian Black Metal worshippers. There is however an interesting detail to be taken into account which makes this whole case somewhat special - Narbeleth hail from the deep underground of Cuba, a country where everything is censored by a communist government and the Internet can only be accessed by acquiring a special permit.

Narbeleth's manifesto blasts off in a familiar high speed manner with a guitar riff being played using the first portion of strings, and the type of a high speed blast beat which can be found on each of the album's songs. Yet don't expect this record to be monotonous shredding fest with only few changes in rhythm section. While carrying on the intensity from the opening number "Total Isolation", the second track "Breathing a Wind of Hatred" begins with a different rhythm, gradually growing in intensity and finally going into one of my favourite moments on this album - a brief breakdown with smartingly sounding semi-acoustic lead guitar, only to jump into a hyper speed blast beat a few moments later.

Furthermore there are things such as the epic intro and Folk singing on "Land of the Heathen", and the haunting screams on "Rotten to the Core" that bring in some variety on this record as well as couple of song titles one can't go wrong with on a Black Metal record: "Fuck off!" and "Posercorpse", the latter of which is a song that could have been influenced by French Imperial.

Speaking of influences, Narbeleth's "A Hatred Manifesto" is a great example of how someone can flawlessly put all their influences together on an album. But when there's an overload of them, it leaves no room for individuality.

Review by Peer Ynt
Track Listing

1. Total Isolation
2. Breathing a Wind of Hatred
3. Fuck Off
4. Rotten to the Core
5. Land of the Heathen
6. Posercorpse
7. Nihilistic Propaganda
8. Nyx (URGEHAL cover)


Drakkar - vocals, guitars, bass, drums

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