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Mass Infection
For I Am Genocide
May 2014
Released: 2014, Comatose
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Greek brutal death metallers Mass Infection‘s third sick technical attack, FOR I AM GENOCIDE, is a sinister (by the way death metal band Sinister’s leader, Adrie Kloosterwaard, praised the band for its perfectly perfect death metal), morbid and fatal release.

Unlike other technical and brutal death metal releases of late, Mass Infection seems to take a more technical route on their new effort (more technical than the others? Yes, how? Just so easy!). The opener-killer “Praised by All the Entities”, as opening track FOR I AM GENOCIDE introduces the listener to a melodic (I do not mean something calm here, melody lies as a basic background for serious death metal) and and fast musical assault throwing the listener into the midst of a heavily death metal influenced barrage of riffs. But this is just a facade in rousing the interest in the listener, as the band quickly enough goes into full on brutality. The guitar works of George S. and Nick easily reminds one of the brutality that bands such as Pestilence and Nile has brought to fans of the genre, yet at the same time retaining that slight sense of melodic brutality (to avoid any misunderstandings, technical death metal is not a based to melodies and technical musical patterns rather than a simple fast guitar chug-chug). The lead works on the album see the duo alternating between melting finger work and soaring melodies, and moments such as these bring about comparisons to the later works of Sinister and even Suffocation.

What sets Mass Infection apart from many of their counterparts is in the way the band prevents themselves from being overly focused on writing the most technical or brutal music and neglect the melody and groove.. Songs like the title track also make use of some black metal stylistics a la Behemoth to reinforce that darkness that is abound on the album.

The twisted technical merchants lay waste all over Europe (and the rest of the world) with their harrowing odes of tension, terror and torment. From there, the crude collective have created a jolting, spiritually abrasive exercise in noise-scorched, audio torment for fans of serious death metal. That said though, Mass Infection’s FOR I AM GENOCIDE third death metal rocket is an excellent death metal ferocious and blasting work of art, and the band’s ability to play at such speed and intensity is nothing short of impressive. A hideous juggernaut or aural evil that is the musical equivalent to venom coursing through your veins…that’s FOR I AM GENOCIDE.

The Greek natives take you on a crushing death trip to a classic era of brutal Death, blowing American and central European Death off the map! Enter the spectrum of Greek Death Ripper!
Track Listing

01. Praised by All the Entities
02. The Scourge of Living Forms
03. Hierarchy of the Highest Abomination
04. Beholding the Throne
05. Unearthly Legion
06. Maelstrom of Endless Suffering
07. Beyond Perpetuation
08. Nihilism Reigns
09. The Genocide Revealed


George S. - Guitars/Vocals
Nick - Guitars
Victor – Bass
George T.- Drums

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by Helias Papadopoulos

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