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May 2014
Released: 2014, Roar Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Straight out of the depths of thrash eternal burning core of earth, Greek thrash metal scene is getting bigger and bigger as I said in a previous review and here is one more thrash metal proof. Limbo-X is a new band in the thrash metal scene that is going to shake the ground lying under the feet of many big names of the genre by the releasing of their debut album OUTBURST.

Limbo-X integrates elements of thrash and progressive tendencies into otherwise disturbingly rapid and basic metal that changes with the tendon-muscle coordination of human motion. Also, there is a modern approach of the staff together with the likes of the old school feelings throughout the entire record. As for the sound, it is at its most direct and fully-conceived point.

Musically Limbo-X are between the old-school thrash metal songwriting and the modern breakdowns and styling; Raw scuffing of guitar in coordination with a galloping drum initiates most songs and provides the mainstay of driving introductory verses, often pairing with a more spacious beat over which a melody of three notes or under self harmonizes. This alternation between the rudiments of sound and aspects of rising beauty in chaos fuels a conflict across the album that summarizes all the likes of their predecessors and of what Limbo-X offer to the people. Regarding the vocals of Giorgos Roubalas, they are too…growls in compare with the classic vocal style in thrash metal. This puts the band away from the classic thrash genre and demonstrates how a thrash metal band can combines different and disparate elements under the same title and this entire package is filtered by a melodic death metal prism.

Songs like “Through The Mist”, “Cut The Ties” (there is also a demo under the same name) and “Only For A While” will be the soundtracks of eternal battle into the pit! Limbo-X’s OUTBURST stands as a promising startup and shows the band still firing on all cylinders, worthy of their status in the modern thrash metal realm. More atmospheric than no one would expect, while still heavy enough to scorch the earth.
Track Listing

1 Feel An Absence Everyday
2. Cut The Ties
3. An Illusion To Last
4. It’s Time To Hear
5. Rainy Days
6. Far Away From Home
7. Everyday (In Different Way)
8. Important (What Is It)
9. Through The Mist
10. Only For A While


Giorgos Roubalas-vocals
Giannis Stergiou- Guitars
Vasilis Trikkas - Guitars
Michalis Papadopoulos- Bass
Platonas Karavasiloglou-drums



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