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May 2014
Released: 2014, Scarlet Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

From the very fabric of the planet grows the sensational Envenoire, “HERONS” is the title of the second album, released by Scarlet Records on April 15th, 2014: fire, element of purification and destruction is the protagonist of forgotten legend in the North of Italy. Evenoire discovers those legends and gave them a special sound that combines a wide range of influences, from gothic to symphonic metal with a very distinctive medieval/folk approach, which has attracted overwhelming response worldwide.

After doing some research on "EVENOIRE" I was really looking forward to hearing this album, so on a dark raining sunday here in the UK I powered up my computer plugged in my headphones and was taken on a journey through time and space.One thing that I really like is a band that can embrace the true meaning of Earth, Wind, Fire and Ice.

"EVENOIRE" have done just that they have been able to blend the musical talents of our medieval forefathers and blend it with todays genre, you may compare " EVENOIRE" to Blackmores Knights but let me state this on record "EVENOIRE" have smashed them clean out of the medieval waters

the opening track to "Herons" holds the album title "Herons" and the was it welcomes you into the talent that these guys hold is intense, and it flows straight into " Drops of Amber" which shakes your very soul the vocal scale of Lisy is amazing not main female singers can explode on so many levels, and she is in great company as the guitars explode from Alessandro and Toshiro along with the shear Thunder that Marco brings with the Bass, along with Daniele on Drums.

This Album covers the fire, element of purification and destruction and it is felt all the way through each and every track on the Album.

Track3 "Love Enslaves" has a great Eygptain feel flowing through the music, to say that these guys hold a limited talent would be a major insult."Love Enslaves" batters you senseless you get hit from every single angle with so much happening in this track you are let amazed, breathless and wanting more, and as the Flute is introduced towards the end it really hits home

"The Newborn Spring" continues the medieval/Eygptain feel from "Love Enslaves" but it opens up a whole new track (which has been very well executed), there are many good surprises within the track musically as well points that I was not not expecting

"When the Sun Sets" , "Tears of Medusa", "Devils Signs" continue a great story that "EVENOIRE" tell throughout this album, and for one I bloody have enjoyed it so much, in fact I had to listen to it again and again.

I like to be able to choose a track of any album that I review and say that my fav track is....But I can not do that with "HERONS", each single track on the album is a bloody great peace of art and talent, and for that reason I choose the entire album.

You may think that all Symphonic female fronted bands fall under the Nightwish banner.. But when I say they don't believe me they don't and "Evenoire" have forged their very own foundations and do not walk in anyones shadows. "Herons" is a bloody awesome album and I highly recommend this to be in anyone's collection. It is very rare that i give a High review score but "EVENOIRE" deserve the 5/5!

Review By AWG
Track Listing

1. Herons
2. Drops Of Amber
3. Season Of Decay
4. Love Enslaves
5. The Newborn Spring
6. When The Sun Sets
7. Tears Of Medusa (feat. Linnéa Vikström)
8. Devil's Signs
9. The Lady Of The Game
10. Wild Females
11. Aries (Bonus Track)


Lisy Stefanoni: voice & flute
Marco Binotto: bass
Alessandro Gervasi: guitar
Toshiro Brunelli: guitar
Daniele Foroni: drums

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