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Space Police
May 2014
Released: 2014, Nuclear Blast
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

SPACE POLICE-DEFENDERS OF THE CROWN is the new Edguy album but it’s not such a simple thing. After two mediocre albums, the fourth one would be the challenge and the bet if the band is still in the game or not. And thank god, they’re in. I have to confess that my hopes are very small but Tobias Sammet’s power crew did contradicted and defeated my concerns and doubts about their new effort.

With Helloween being in a “trapped under ice” way, Gamma Ray in a remedial way, Stratovarius just having now just found the way back to good ‘power metal’ home, Edguy can claim the Iron Throne of Power metal. And not unrighteously. The new album seems to return back to that point and follow the path that should perhaps have taken since then. Initially, the cover- its colors and comic aesthetics- refers to the equivalent of ROCKET RIDE anthem, while in the musical level the scales tilted back more towards the hard rock elements than to the power metal style. Evidently, it is clear-to me at least-that this sound longer fits more to Tobi and his friends.

"Sabre & Torch" is a very dynamic and strong up tempo power metal hit with a Maiden-espue riff and refrain, while "Love Tyger" enlists the loose side for a synthesis of aesthetics and themes closer to The Darkness rather than to power metal. "The Realms Of Baba Yaga" and "Shadow Eaters" are songs that try to keep the speeding up to high levels (like they used to do that in the past and I like that!). I addition, I do like the “King of Fools” pattern which is used in “Space Police” and of course, “Defenders of the Crown” is in the likes of 80’s Helloween and early 90’s Gammaray. The special moment in the album is the cover of "Rock Me Amadeus" by the wasted Falco of where to Sammet shows relaxes facetious tribute to Mike Patton and David Draiman through the verse, while the cheesy keyboards and bouncy the whole composition seem to stick with the aesthetics of Edguy. I love this epic atmosphere of that song and the great use of the keyboards which is a great implement in Edguy arsenal.

All in all, from this evidence alone you can see what Edguy is…rather than a stupid and smirky power metal band. SPACE POLICE-DEFENDERS OF THE CROWN is an awesome power metal album.
Track Listing

01. Sabre & Torch
02. Space Police
03. Defenders of the Crown
04. Love Tyger
05. The Realms Of Baba Yaga
06. Rock Me Amadeus
07. Do Me Like a Caveman
08. Shadow Eaters
09. Alone in Myself
10. The Eternal Wayfarer


Tobias Sammet – Vocals, keyboards
Jens Ludwig – lead guitar
Dirk Sauer – rhythm guitar
Tobias Exxel – Bass
Felix Bohnke- Drums

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