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May 2014
Released: 2014, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

These guys just keep getting better and better. Calgary’s Derailed are back with their sophomore album UNDERGROUND. There have been some significant changes in the four years since JUDGEMENT DAY as issued in 2010. The band have expanded to a quintet, substituting bassist Steve LeGault for Greg Kristianson and adding a second guitarist, Carlos Cruz. Carlos used to play in the respected Guatemalan Power Metal band, Silent Poetry, before migrating to Canada.

The independent CD is a slim-line, foldout digipak, all in black and white with a mean looking, Manowar/Conan type dude on the front. It has lyrics, notes and so on. UNDERGROUND is a concept album about a warrior journey but the songs can stand independently. The production is top-notch, done by local uber-producer Sacha Laskow who is really making a name for himself, and his studio, Perfect Fifth) working with Divinity, Titan’s Eve and more.

Musically, the band has increased the intensity on this album. The songwriting has become a little better as well, to my ears. The band is now stretching the songs into the six, seven, eight minute zone with the centerpiece being the 11 minute opus, ‘Sinister’. The addition of the second guitar has helped. Not that founder and guitarist Dean Boland is a slouch, but you can never have too many guitars in a Metal Band. The songs are reminiscent of heavier Iron Maiden and Judas Priest and the less speedy moments of Megadeth and Annihilator and maybe even Testament. It is hard to find that sweet spot that is heavier than classic Metal but not as shrill as some thrash can get, and Derailed seemed to have succeeded. There is a hint of acoustic guitar and a bit of keyboards as well, but not too much of either. The individual performances are good and the vocals of Jonnie led the charge, neither being to high or too gruff.

Although it has been a number of years the band made sure that is well worth the wait. Hopefully Derailed wont stay underground much longer.
Track Listing

1. Subway
3. Fryzone
4. Step Into Hell
5. Damaged
6. Sinister
7. Warriors Creed


Jonnie Sin-Vocals
Dean Boland-Guitar
Carlos Cruz-Guitar
Greg Kristianson-Bass
Terry Cornelson-Drums

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