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Dark Legacy
Ad Extremum Epilogue
May 2014
Released: 2014, Black Vulture Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

For some people it takes 16 years to wait till all the stars have aligned in

favour of the album release. That obviously is the case with Sweden's Dark

Legacy. And let me just say right away that their album is capable of raising

certain suspicion in anyone who would listen to it for the first time without

knowing anything about the band and its background. A suspicion about how

experienced this troupe really is, and at the same time leaving no doubt about

the academic level of the musicianship on this record.

“Ad Extremum Epilogue” is a record which not only demonstrates Dark Legacy's

ability to redefine Symphonic Metal, it's also filled with every possible

element of 90's melancholic Metal. Due to synth piano passages like the one on

the “Wolf Moon”, or that of a sheer classical music right after the intro on

“The Waning Moon”, today's Metal kids might think of this band as a slow motion

Fleshgod Apocalypse.

To 90's kids who revered such albums as Nightwish's “Angels

Fall First”, The Gathering's “Mandylion” or Moonspell's “Wolfheart”, this album

will most likely sound nothing short of a retro music. Albeit with some satyric

connotations. For example, the track “At the Graveyard” with a choir chanting

“Six, six, six feet under”, or the choir on the “Sustain Until it Dies” which

will remind you of singing skeletons in Tim Burton's “Corpse Bride”.

Intentionally or not, the keyboards on this album may get a bit annoying, like

for instance on the “Across the Astral Plane” where in the middle of the song a

decent guitar riff is skilfully made to sound out of place as soon as keyboards

come into play. This passage is then followed by Dark Legacy's own version of

Edvard Grieg's “In the Hall of the Mountain King”.

Apart from a few annoying moments this album offers a pleasure of a challenging

listen to anyone who enjoys a bit of a parody, be it one of Funeral Doom, or

Neoclassical Metal, or Symphonic Metal. Even fully serious sounding songs like

“Till Nord”, or “Purgatorium” can't ruin the eccentric feel of this intelligent


Review by Peer Ynt
Track Listing

1. Purgatorium
2. The Waning Moon
3. At the Graveyard
4. Sustain Until it Dies
5. A Dark and Horrible Night
6. Wolf Moon
7. Across the Astral Plane
8. Dance of Shadows
9. Till Nord
10. Defending the Throne
11. A Cry in the Universe
12. Ad Extremum Epilogue


Daniel Tjernberg Vocals
Mikael Tjernberg Vocals
Mikael Dagobert Keyboards, Guitars
Daniel Reese Guitars
Jens Fredriksson Bass
Jonas Hoffman Drums

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