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Black Juju
Letters From My Brother Cain
May 2014
Released: 2012, Roar Records
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Greece is not famous for its stoner/doom/heavy metal bands, but now the reckoning day, the day of restitution has come. Black Juju have released their debut album, LETTERS FROM MY BROTHER CAIN, a couple of years ago and they released their sludg-y/stoner/doom metal.

First of all, the guitar tone on the record is simply outstanding and a huge reason why this record has been so well received. You’ve also got a diverse set of songs here, everything from your more traditional doom metal concoction such as “My Sabbath vein” (a song that open the album and pay tribute to the almighty Black Sabbath as long as the whole attitude and music cosmos of Black Juju), “In Vain”, “Black Widow” to bluesy, emotional and ‘esoteric’ moments like “Blame It On Gods”, “The Black Mamba” and “Raven”.

LETTERS FROM MY BROTHER CAIN is by far one of the most anticipated and significant records of the genre to date and it sounded like nearly no other band at a time when good metal was scarce. The songs are structured perfectly and every song offers the epic atmosphere as the first five albums by Black Sabbath did. Every song offers something new to the record, making for an amazing first time listen and something you’ll keep coming back to. In addition, the production is as dirty and ‘old-fashioned’ as it has to be; it sounds like the record released in 1972.

Black Juju are not pioneers of the heavy/doom/sludge/heavy rock genre, BUT it is important to remember that this was recorded in a time when good heavy metal is sparse and, most of all, a little messed up and combined with other strange music and sounds. Most of the album is your general mix of slow sludge metal with some occasional fast and emotional parts melded together here and there- nothing over the top, but that’s makes this album beautiful, it’s unbelievable consistency.

If you are fan of Black Sabbath, Trouble, Witchcraft and Down, this is the next record you have to listen to. A convincing doom demonstration of what can happen when a band works without limitations.
Track Listing

01. My Sabbath vein
02. In Vain
03. All Time Low
04. A Pathetic Lie
05. The Black Mamba
06. I Need Your Soul
07. Raven
08. Wicked
09. Unfair
10. Black Widow
11.Blame It On Gods


Panos Dimitriou: voclas
Dimitris Tsimponis: guitars
Fon Stragalinos: bass
Kostas Mitin: drums



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