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Melana Chasmata
May 2014
Released: 2014, Prowling Death Records/Century Media Records
Rating: 5.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

As has been well documented the Swiss Triptykon evolved from a Celtic Frost side project. Second album ‘Melana Chasmata’ has been long awaited, since the 2010 debut ‘Eparistera Daimones’. The gorgeous cover artwork is once again by fellow Swiss HR Giger

A teaser 7" single containing the tracks "Breathing" and "Boleskine House" was released on 17th March this year, so fans will already be familiar with these tracks. The former being trash driven, and the latter laden with earth shaking doom riffs which must have driven my neighbours nuts.

These two tracks perfectly cover the spectrum of the albums sound but there is an even greater reward upon listening to the full length release.

I’m not really a fan of most things doom metal but Triptykon’s black and gothic sounds take the edge off and make it intensely listen-able. It is heavy as fuck, yet still has an underlying melody, instead of ending up as a cacophonous mess (I know some people like their music this way, but I find that incomprehensible).

Compared to the debut album they have nailed the sound and produced a possible masterpiece.

Even as someone unfamilar with this kind of style it is obvious this is a modern and possibly ground-breaking piece of work. If more doom-black metal bands sounded this good I might be a fan of the genre.

Review by Victoria Fenbane
Track Listing

1. Tree Of Suffocating Souls
2. Boleskine House
3. Altar Of Deceit
4. Breathing
5. Aurorae
6. Demon Pact
7. In The Sleep Of Death
8. Black Snow
9. Waiting


Tom Gabriel Warrior - voice, guitars
V. Santura - guitar, vocals
Vanja Slajh - bass, vocals
Norman Lonhard - drums, percussion

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Melana Chasmata
May 2014
Released: 2014, Century Media
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

The adept of darkness, Tom ‘Warrior’ Gabriel Fischer and his darkened fellas have just released their sophomore album with a Greek title (for a second time), MELANA CHASMATA (which means “black, deep depressions/valleys/chasms”).

I think that there is an imaginable string that connects 3 albums, Celtic Frost’s MONOTHEIST, Triptykon’s debut album, EPARISTERA DAIMONES and MELANA CHASMATA. MELANA CHASMATA is dark, sinister and spiteful, through its simplicity, a true black work of art. With this album, the band takes a new approach to their song writing, replacing meditated, repetitive hypnosis-inducing dirges with more calculated and demented power-house riffs. They build, shape, and climb into frenzied climaxes and fade into sweet sonic releases, moulding perfectly crafted and combined heaviness and gothic sensibility songs into twisting spires of evil extreme metal masterpieces.

From the first second of "Tree Of Suffocating Souls" an sonic boulder pops up out from the speakers. There is no need of any second thought of what is going on here, what you deal with. MELANA CHASMATA sonically is huge, heavy, mostly slow, atmospheric and frightening album with a primitive touch of feeling. The slow/heavy primarily pieces creep into the darkness and create moments of ineffable blackness, while the limited outbreaks redemptive work, and allow you to defuse the anger that has accumulated. The songs are a little more tight and concentrated with respect to EPARISTERA DAIMONES album and thus avoid some signs of fatigue and embarrassment. Something assisted by the wise sequence of compositions that create emotion swings.

“In the Sleep Of Death” is a song that captivates and encapsulates death in a sonic performance. Another highlight in the album (There is NO filler here dudes! Only masterpieces) is “Boleskine House” which is a gothic/dark/ doom/primal slow black metal track where the huge and heavy bass lines of Vanja Šlajh prevail. The song is a remiscents a little bit “In Shrouds Decayed” of the previous album. “Altar of Deceit” is a slow doom/black metal song with the appropriate Tom Warrior’s ‘ughs’ with a greatly gothic-chaotic-decayed essence. There are also fast and catchy songs like “Breathing” which is absolutely a thudding death-gothic masterpiece that will have genre enthusiasts rolling their stoned skulls in graveyard genuflection.

"Black Snow" is eroded beyond its essence into a morose march towards death while "Demon Pact" gets a grim reconfiguration with grisly riffs, bilious hisses and a blackened atmosphere that takes you to a dark, desolate realm of desperation and despair.

I really like Tom G Warrior’s vocals as he doesn’t sing in an ordinary way, it seems to be much more like a harsh rattle, so fitting to the songs as no one else. There isn’t any better drummer than Norman Lonhard who’s drumming style is the most suitable in Triptykon’s music. V. Santura has became the darkened alter ego of Tom Warrior Fischer and the wonderful and beautiful existence of Vanja Šlajh is the important and fabulous atmospheric and heavy image of the band.

Triptykon is the twilight of the undead and MELANA CHASMATA revamp-ires the limits of extreme and dark metal. This is not an album created by accident or coincidence. This is the musical incarnation of your inner demons! This album is much more primitive and tight regarding to EPARISTERA DAEMONES and MONOTHEIST. This is the procreation of the wicked that Tom Gabriel has spoken of some decades ago. Some thoughts after the first listening are: Decay, heaviness, aggression, darkness, and blackened atmosphere.
Track Listing

1. Tree of Suffocating Souls
2. Boleskine House
3. Altar of Deceit
4. Breathing
5. Auroræ
6. Demon Pact
7. In the Sleep of Death
8. Black Snow
9. Waiting


Thomas Gabriel Fischer — vocals, guitar
V. Santura — guitar, vocals
Norman Lonhard — drums, percussion
Vanja Šlajh — bass, backing vocals

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