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Nugent, Ted
Ted, White And Blue-The Nugent Manifesto (Book Review)
May 2013
Released: 2010, Regnery Publishing
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I have been procrastinating on writing this book review for quite some time. I’ve had the book for a couple of years, and enjoyed it thoroughly, but I felt it wasn’t quite the right fit for Metal-Rules. This is not because of Ted’s political stance (I actually agree with 99% of what he says) I waited on the review because the book is not really about music. TED, WHITE AND BLUE is his political manifesto, wrapped in a bit of an autobiography. I wasn’t sure our readers would be into reading a non-music book in the Library Of Loudness section. However, Canadian journalist, Martin Popoff has just released his new book EPIC TED NUGENT, so I decided to write this review of TED WHITE AND BLUE as kind of a bonus feature. A double dose of Terrible Ted as it were, however I’m gonna keep it a bit short and avoid all the politics. You can make up your own mind if you are on the same page as Ted. Feel free to check out my review of EPIC TED NUGENT this month as well.

TED WHITE AND BLUE is a decent sized paperback that runs just over 300 pages and has 42 photos in the middle on glossy plates. The book is fun and easy to read with lots of lists and side-bars and quotable quotes. Ted discusses his modest upbringing in some detail but the bulk of the text are his theories on politics. What is broken, and how it can be fixed. He discussed illegal immigration, gun control, crime, taxation, democracy, public health (or lack of it (ie. American obesity), race, religion and all the good bad and ugly of the US political system. The book is not just ol’ Ted rantin’ and ravin’ either. Many of his arguments are logical coherent and supported by fairly extensive documentation in a 20 page (!) long bibliography to support his facts and figures. He is well read and he ain’t no dummy when it comes to research.

There is some surprisingly sage advice for someone who has been vilified by the left-wing media over the years. Sure he is outspoken but how can you argue with statements like, ‘If you want your son or daughter to be respectful, polite and courteous and accountable, you have to set the right example. Make sure you set a good one.’ (p. 255) The book is just loaded with stuff like this. Of course Ted discusses his love of the great outdoors, huntin’ an’ fishin’ and shootin’. The outdoor stuff is also kept to a minimum as he has covered those topics in his other books. In fact, TED, WHITE AND BLUE is his fifth book! Politics is the name of the game in this tome.

If you are a Ted Nugent fan and are curious about his ideology, lifestyle and philosophy, this is a great read. He is an incredible renaissance man, an activist, author, journalist, TV star, volunteer and philanthropist, public speaker outdoorsman and musician. Ted Nugent is America’s Bruce Dickinson in terms of the having the freedom and courage to have high-profile activities afforded from his success as an entrepreneurial rock star. Politics aside, if you are a fan of the Whackmaster, this is a great book.
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