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Des Deux L’une L’autre
May 2009
Released: 2007, Customcore Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: Mr. Rock

The album DES DEUX L’UNE L’AUTRE from French experimental metal band Hypno5e is a good example of a band creating a very atmospheric and ambient disc – one that will appeal to those who like the genre. However, the disc clocks in at over an hour, and as such, given the experimental nature of the music, it won’t be for everyone. At times, it does seem to go on a bit too long for me.

With a very spacey feel, Hypno5e are technically adept, there can be no doubt about that. The twelve minute intro (broken down to parts 1 and 2) “Maintained Relevance of Destruction” sets the tone for the disc; long atmospheric passages interspersed with intense metal, sounding a little like Slipknot meets Pink Floyd. Part 2 features vocalist Ilene G, who sounds a little like Tarja (ex-Nightwish) but without the depth. The passages lull the listener until Jessua’s manic screams shock the listener back into a harsh reality. It’s intense and well executed. Another highlight is “Tutuguri” with its intensity, though the French interruptions do take away from the song.

The disc suffers though from long ethereal passages. For me, I like the intensity and the mellow parts just take away from the power. “Naked Lunch I” is a prime example of this. At almost 12 minutes, it goes on too long with not a lot happening. “H492053” suffers from the same effect. While I appreciate what the band is trying to do, for me, it just goes on too long.

Hypno5e (please drop the 5 and just use an ‘s’) are talented, and they have created a complex disc that will no doubt please those who are into experimental, Floydian metal. For me, I would like to see them concentrate more on their aggressive tendencies. When they do, it’s an intense experience.
Track Listing

1. “Maintained Relevance of Destruction (part 1)” – 7:23
2. “Maintained Relevance of Destruction (part 2)” – 4:31
3. “Daybreak at Slaughter-House” – 9:40
4. “H492053” – 5:42
5. “The Hole” – 10:01
6. “Scarlet Fever” – 11:41
7. “Tutuguri” – 8:14
8. “Naked Lunch I” – 11:43
9. “Naked Lunch II” – 2:31
10. “Remords Posthumes” – 2:13


Emmanuel Jessua – vocals / guitar
Jeremie Lautier – guitar
Gredin – bass
Thibault Lamy - drums

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