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All For Metal Vol III
March 2013
Released: 2013, AFM Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

All For Metal Volume III is the third instalment of a compilation of bands whose styles range in anything from Thrash to Death, Power to Black. Ultimately, it fit’s the bill for being an all inclusive package for anyone wanting to delve further into the world of underground metal, that hardly gets any spot light in mainstream music, and reminds us of how sometimes the better bands in genres are out there, they just need to be sort after.

Kick starting with the heavy thrash fuelled guitars of Bloodbound: ‘Metal heads Unite’. The soaring clean vocals shine brightly in the production. The chorus comes with a strong sing-along quality “Metal heads unite, come and join the fight”. The lead guitar offers a vibrant use of finger tapping solos to give the song that extra crunch with backing vocals fortifying the already impressive sound.

Mob Rules invade with guitar solo swinging sound of ‘Cannibal Nation’ that barges forward with fast sonic driven pace. With enough technically proficient lead guitar and galloping drum work these guys know how to keep the momentum going, with plenty of guitar shred to satisfy air guitar enthusiasts.

Meanwhile, the juggernaut sounding bass of Iron Saviour’s ‘Hall of Heroes’ comes with a power- metal arena filling sound with infectious riffs, multi-layered vocals and an all rounded weight that comes crashing down from a great height.

What seems to be at the core of this record is a fully fronted and well produced approach to metal which is elevated by the orchestral tendencies of Dragon Land and the female accented vocals of Magica, which plays out well amidst the metallic assault of guitars and barricade of relentless drumming.

Meanwhile, the melodic groove of Almah’s ’Bullets on The Altar’ dives in and out of clean sounding verses and daring thrash engulfed chorus section that comes with an interesting piano and lead guitar union, marking this as one of the records high points.

Paradox remain one of the more raw sounding thrash beasts on here with hurricane sounding drums, fast paced riffs and harsher vocals than some of the previous bands.

Stand out track, ‘Sorae’, by Words of Farewell bounces back and forth between a deep throated growling narrative with stomp inducing drums, tech riffage and an all round eccentric energy that is as exhilarating as it is deadly.

Merrimack intrude with agonizing raspy shrieks, relentless drums and a solid approach to Black Metal in ‘Gospel of the Void’. The desolate riffs and use of vocal ranges help to conjure darkly painted imagery in your minds eye that will leave you wanting more.

Closing off with Vore, they offer a blistering complex array of drumming and death accented vocals ascending from the pit of ‘The Unseen Hand’. The mosh inflicting guitar work and time signature changes validate the band’s mastery of style and song writing as they change the tempo face melting solos and barbaric sounding drum work.

The compilation also comes with a DVD featuring the music videos of 36 bands such as Master Plan, whose video for ‘Time To Be King’ features the thrash metal titans rocking out in full force. Meanwhile, Heavenly’s ’Full Moon’ depicts a story within a masquerade themed club with shots switching back to the band playing in a small room through out.

Aside from noting various cheesy poses from some of the bands featured here. The videos on the whole are produced to a decent quality with Eleven King’s ‘The Loser’ being one of the stronger productions.


In a nutshell, this huge offering does certainly come with a value for money quality that cannot be denied. Whether you’re looking at discovering some new music or simply interested in hearing their sound stand side by side to each other then this is a must have for any devoted metal fan.

Whilst many of the bands featured tended to be more upon the thrash, Power side of the genre it was good to see some of the more heavier sub-genres of metal working their way onto this compilation.

Review by Ben Spencer
Track Listing


01. Orden Ogan - The Things We Believe In
02.U.D.O. – Leatherhead
03.Kissin’ Dynamite - Money, Sex & Power
04.Masterplan - Time To Be King
05.Heavenly – Fullmoon
06.Shakra - Back On Track
07.The Last Vegas - Evil Eyes
08.Morton - Weeping Bell
09.Triosphere – Marionette
10.Brainstorm - In These Walls
11.Iron Mask - God Punishes, I Kill
12.Crystal Viper – Witch’s Mark
13.At Vance - Facing Your Enemy
14.Wolfpakk – Reptiles Kiss
15.Sinner - Back On Trail
16.Oz – Dominator
17.Elvenking – The Loser
18.Nightmare - Sunrise In Hell
19.Epysode – Obsessions
20.Stahlmann – Tanzmaschine
21.A Life Divided - Heart On Fire
22.Eisbrecher – Eiszeit
23.The Murder Of My Sweet – Unbreakable
24.Lake Of Tears - House Of The Setting Sun
25.The New Black - The King I Was
26.Lyriel - Leverage
27.All Hail The Yeti - The Art Of Mourning
28.Black Messiah - Windloni
29.Ektomorf - The One
30.Solution .45 - Gravitational Lensing
31.Fear Factory – The Industrialist
32.Ministry - Ghouldiggers
33.Suidakra - Dowth 2059
34.Korzus - Truth
35.Onslaught - The Sound Of Violence
36.Tankard - Rules For Fools


01.Bloodbound - Metalheads Unite
02.Mob Rules - Cannibal Nation
03.Iron Savior - Hall Of The Heroes
04.Dragonland – The Tempest
05.Voodoo Circle - King Of Your Dreams
06.Magica – Center Of The Great Unknown
07.Almah – Bullets On The Altar
08.Kryptos – The Mask Of Anubis
09.Paradox – Brutalized
10.Mors Principium Est – Destroyer Of All
11.Words Of Farewell – Sorae
12.Thormesis - Sterbend Herz
13.Merrimack - Gospel Of The Void
14.Byfrost - Buried Alive
15.Vore - The Unseen Hand


Various Artists



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