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All My Kingdoms
March 2013
Released: 2013, Napalm Records
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Heavatar is a new band that on paper is easy to calculate. Van Canto minus accapella vocals minus cover tunes plus guitar plus classical music=Heavatar. Easy! If you are missing the point of the equation, go read one of our reviews of Van Canto.

Everything is pretty much the same; same label, same founder (Stefan Schmidt) same production style, yes it is Van Canto with guitars. And that is a very good thing! Even if you strip away the comparisons to Van Canto, Heavatar would easily stand on their own as a new powerful band. The classical musical influences and adaptation and integration of certain pieces into the songs add depth to the majestic Power Metal. The drums are nice and loud, up high in the mix and you can't go wrong with Jorg Michael who, now that he is retired from Stratovarius, can do some of these fun, side-projects without the burden of constant world touring. The vocals are top-notch, the singing is great and the song-writers are brave enough to end the album with a mostly acoustic camp-fire ballad called 'To The Metal'. It has true Metal lyrics that would make Tenacious D (actor Jack Black's all-acoustic comedy Hard Rock band) and Manowar proud!

I would consider this an automatic purchase for any Van Canto fans and even if you think the acapella Metal style is not your style, Germany's HEAVATAR strips away those elements. ALL MY KINGDOMS is pure Power Metal and a welcome addition to any Metal-heads library.
Track Listing

1. Replica
2. Abracadabra
3. All My Kingdoms
4. Elysium At Dawn
5. Long Way Home
6. Born to fly
7. Luna! Luna!
8. The Look Above
9. To The Metal


Stefan Schmidt Vocals, Guitar
Sebastian Scharf Guitar
Charles Greywolf Bass
Jorg Michael Drums

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