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Aokigahara [EP]
March 2013
Released: 2013, Independent
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Cailleach’s first offering in the form of a three track EP kicks off with Here Among The Dead. Opening with a clean and serene guitar riff that would not sound out of place on a Staind Album, it soon transforms into something altogether unexpected. Vocalist Aidan does not please my ears whatsoever; his attempts at screaming make me worry for the boy’s chords as it is evident he would not have the strength to do it for a whole gig without feeling as though he has swallowed razorblades for a few days afterwards.

The general guitar tone, which promptly switches from clean and sombre to…. Well, a little whiny and typically ‘metal’ but still pretty sombre- OK dull is the word- is not all that good. It is rather hollow and lacks a warm depth. Aiden does switch over to something that resembles a growl but that does not last long.

The drums are evidently synthesized; Something that will make many a metal musician cringe. If you are forced to use synth drums, the key is to try your hardest to make them sound as ‘real’ as possible, and unfortunately Jo and Aiden have not succeeded. Here Among The Dead is also far too long/ not creative or dynamic enough to justify dragging on for a whole 8 minutes!

A Plague of Nightmares starts off with some painful sounding vocals (once again) and an attempt at a blast beat from the ‘drums’. It sounds like it’s being played by a toy bear in a soldiers hat, you know, those little marching bears you get in Hamleys? Yeah.

The guitar riffs leave little to the imagination, again. As I continue to listen I do try and take into account that these boys are only young and produced this on a Laptop between the three of them, but when you consider what Decapitated produced between the collective ages of 16- 21… see where I’m coming from? A Plague begins to sound quite ‘core’ and I am instantly turned off. Next!

A Sea of Trees starts off with a rather nice tip toe of a riff, but it’s soon spoiled by Aiden’s vocals (sorry man but I could do the vocals with more depth than you).

Then the guitars and drums soon slip into the Unoriginal trap, getting tangled in the Boring nets and getting snagged on a Musically Weak branch before hitting the very bottom/ arriving at the end of the song having sounded incredibly amateur, irritating at times and almost like a computer game soundtrack at others. And not in a good way.

Good effort boys and well done for trying- if my mark was for effort you’d get a…. actually you’d still only get a 3 out of 5. Excuse me while I reach for the painkillers for this head ache that has suddenly turned up.

Review by Soozi Q
Track Listing

1. Here Among the Dead (8:20)
2. A Plague of Nightmares (5.27)
3. A Sea of Trees (11:19)


Mike Lamb - Music/Guitars/Piano/Bass/Drums/Programming
Joe Russell - Music/Guitars
Aidan Grau - Lyrics/Vocals

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