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The Healing Powers of Hate
June 2013
Released: 2013, Self-released
Rating: 2.5/5
Reviewer: Peter Atkinson

For a band just releasing their debut, Montreal mob BornBroken sure are a pissed off bunch. You'd think they'd need a few years of thankless underground toil and record label misery to be this jaded and angry. But, as frontman Jesus Salazar threatens on “Control,” “Motherfucker, this is only the beginning.”

Their self-released, and self-explanatory, The Healing Powers of Hate is a 10-song long “fuck you” whose acerbic sentiments are driven home with a sonic Louisville Slugger upside the skull that channels Hatebreed and Pantera in equal measures. Indeed, the F-bomb in its many shapes and forms is pretty much the go-to when it comes to the lyrics here.

During “Birth of the Broken” Salazar blurts “fuck” here and there the way Tom Warrior inserted his signature death grunts back in the day with Celtic Frost, either for emphasis or simply to break the silence, as it were. Over the course of the entire album, though, the profanity loses most of its impact and simply becomes crass, or painfully predictable. A bit more eloquence and a bit less obscenity would have gotten the point across just as effectively. Just sayin.'

Musically, BornBroken are a more solid, and extremely heavy, lot. Simon Savard and Mike Decker's surging, Dimebag Darrell-inspired grooves hit like haymakers throughout, aided by the sort of dry, ultra-punchy production Terry Date used to achieve such brutal majesty with Pantera, Unearth, Deftones and on White Zombie's Astro Creep: 2000. The sound here is huge – especially for a self-released effort – clear and quite pummeling. Things can get a bit too metal-coreish in stretches on Hate, but when these guys stick to sheer blunt object metal they pack quite a wallop.
Track Listing

1. Can’t Quiet The Riot
2. Old News
3. Anger of The Day
4. I Will Rise
5. Control
6. It Has Begun
7. Birth of The Broken
8. Bleed The Sky
9. Reborn From The Ashes
10. The Healing Powers of Hate


Jesus Salazar - vocals
Simon Savard - guitar
Mike Decker - guitar
Tommy Vaillancourt - bass
Jonathan Ménard - drums

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