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Venus Star
Nigredo Expulsion
June 2013
Released: 2013, Kuunpalvelus
Rating: 2.0/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Doomy dirge black metal act Venus Star is a one man band with a one dimensional sound.

The album opener draws the listener in with promise of sludgy vicious black metal, but unfortunately descends into track after track of repetitive and uninspired song writing. A lack of discernible tempo changes each track descends into a copy of the previous with the odd attempt at My Dying Bride-esque guitar lines in a belated attempt to break up the oppressive dirge. If the object of the album is to subject the listener to the sound of the underworld, then one would fear that this man's vision of it is quite uninspiring, tepid and boring.

Unfortunately Venus Star has taken a concept of doomy sludge tinged with black metal leanings and honed it to a point where one song would have been enough, let alone an entire album. Only recommended for those who fear change.

Review by Sarah Angelise
Track Listing

Side Ve
1. Trans-Plutonic Traffic
2. Dark Feathers
3. Extrance
4. Underworld Splendour
5. New Aeon Comes

Side St
6. Resume the Bestial Word
7. Breathing Diamond Sky
8. Ash and Fire
9. It Is Not There
10. Daggers


Atvar All Instruments/Vocals

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