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Terminal Prospect
Redefine Existence
June 2013
Released: 2013, Gravity Entertainment
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Stockholm powerhouse Terminal Prospect attack the speakers with their sophomore full-length effort after 2012's EP, Face the Horror. In traditional fashion, it's a pro-Greenpeace affair: pioneering our need to nurture Mother Earth instead of our unchangeable preference of raping the hell out of her. Although a slightly generic and futile message, it's one that at least equips the quartet with enough passion and grit to propel Redefine Existence into the stratosphere with an energy to be reckoned with.

The disc aims big. Vocalist Kristian Norelius is most impressive of all, with a tremendous high-end rasping growl, reminiscent of Kreator's Mille Petrozza. The foundations are solid, the musicianship is more than capable of tackling the muscular ground needed to underpin the lyrics and the production allows the meatiness of the rhythm section to come to the fore. But although many boxes are ostensibly ticked, I can't deny that there's still something missing.

The band have quite clearly stated their intentions from the outset: their goal of marrying old-school thrash to modern melodic death metal is not let down by their technicality, but perhaps by their lack of expansiveness. Although the songs are all undeniably weighty, with nothing particularly wrong with them, they're mechanical, repetitive and not that memorable. In fact, they wash over you in a pretty non-descript flurry of sweep-picks and chugs, which, for all their aggression, never manage to pin anything to the memory. This is a real shame, because there is evidently so much potential within.

The modernisation of melodeath is not something the gents subscribe to, which is most definitely in their favour. Their output evokes an orthodox spirit which is heart-warming in itself, and it's a record that could most definitely be left spinning without complaint at a gathering of old-school elitists. It would also likely raise some interest and comment. But Terminal Prospect's technicality needs to be matched by creativity and melodic innovation to really come to life, and to show the world, whose failings they so faithfully document, just why they're its most worthy defendant.

Review by Rhiannon Marley
Track Listing

1. The Exodus
2. Chains Of Guilt
3. The Edge Of Confusion
4. A Memory To Keep
5. Price Of The Age
6. Unfortunately Not (Instrumental)
7. Resurrection
8. Unleashed The Fury
9. Aggressive Obsession
10. Redefine Existence
11. Liquid Mind


Kristian Norelius - Guitars, Vocals
Jussi Niiranen – Guitars
Mikael André –Bass
Sebastian Rojas – Drums

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