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June 2013
Released: 2013, Selfmade God Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: Peter Atkinson

Poland's Antigama do some pretty unusual things with grindcore, but in a cool way that certainly sets them apart from the noise for noise's sake crowd. Sure they can blast away with the best of 'em – indeed when the Warsaw-based quartet go the more standard route, as on the frantic opener “Collapse,” they echo the relentless ferocity of Napalm Death. But that only forms the basis for the surprisingly wide-ranging, sometimes curious sonic maelstrom that is their sixth album, Meteor.

Even in full-on grind mode, Sebastian Rokicki litters his hard-charging riffing with angular asides and a shrill sheen that bring to mind the late Piggy's antics with Voivod. The odd-ball time signatures of “Prophecy,” the title track and “The Signal” emphasize those elements even more. And things only get weirder from there.

“Fed By The Feeling” slips in a complete about-face with a funky scat vocal break that feels like the band are just yanking your chain before they go careening off again with “Crystal Tune.” And then there's the pair of instrumentals. The brief “Stargate” is almost prog-grind with its King Crimsony stop-start histrionics and sci-fi vibe. The trippy “Turbulence,” on the other hand, seems almost like Radiohead with its sparse, spooky electronics and keyboard solo courtesy of Michal Lapaj from Polish prog-rockers Riverside.

Antigama bring Meteor to a close with the comparatively epic, at nearly 5 minutes long, and thundering “Untruth” that builds and builds until just when you think it's going to explode, it ends. Unpredictability has never been a hallmark of grindcore, but these guys definitely will keep you off-balance throughout this wild half-hour ride.
Track Listing

1. Collapse
2. The Key
3. Prophecy
4. Meteor
5. Fed By The Feeling
6. Crystal Tune
7. Stargate
8. The Signal
9. Turbulence
10. Perfect Silence
11. Untruth


Łukasz Myszkowski - vocals
Sebastian Rokicki - guitar
Maciej Moruś - bass
Pawel - drums

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