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We Don't Fear Your God
June 2013
Released: 2013, Inframundo Records
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: UK Team

Puerto Rico’s premier Epic Doom Metal Band Dantesco has finally managed to release their awaited fourth record, titled WE DON'T FEAR YOUR GOD. After a 2009 demo consisting of two of the tracks included on this album, fans were eager to hear what the record would sound like, and here it is, finally! This latest record has one of the best production jobs the band has had yet, and their current line-up has, being veterans of the scene, provide a solid musical backdrop. Erico La Bestia’s vocals are once again very inspired and the production job allows the listener to appreciate his efforts even better than previously.

The band vacillates between the typical slow Doom Metal sections and faster Heavy Metal riffs, which complement lyrics that range from taking a few stabs at organized religion to subjects like Edgar Allan Poe’s poem “The Conqueror Worm”. The band have refined these songs through playing them live for some time now, which translates into the record having a very organic, natural flow from one song to the next.

The record once again kicks off with an acoustic intro, which leads into an angry choir shouting “We don’t fear your god” during the beginning of the title track. The track contains heavy riffs and a chorus that is sure to have some people singing along at their shows. There are moments where a Progressive Rock influence creeps in here and there, especially during the guitar solo section. The second track, “Betrayer” is one heck of an angry tune, with Erico providing some great vocal work. I should point out that, though the band falls into the Doom Metal genre, this does not mean that the band focuses exclusively on playing slow riffs: the band actually draws inspiration from Mercyful Fate as much as they draw from Candlemass and Trouble (musically, not conceptually, of course).

Hence, on one hand, there are songs like “Betrayer”, “Consolament” and “At the Hill of the Ravens” which are faster songs, while on the other hand, we get songs like “Of Darkness”, “A Brother has Fallen” and “Blood of the Saints”, though within each one the band manages to include other influences as well. “Blood of the Saints” starts off as a slow, gloomy tune with almost spoken vocals, then it goes into a faster style of Metal that once again reminds listeners of Mercyful Fate and Savatage.

Overall, the album is one of the better efforts from this band yet, and a highlight in terms of Metal music that is coming out of the island of Puerto Rico. For people who just heard about the band, listening to this record would be a great place to start. Their previous work was great, but this record has a very solid production job that allows many aspects of the band’s sound to come into the light. All of the instruments are captured just right, and Erico’s vocals have been recorded even better than before. All in all, this is a record I would recommend to Metal fans in general, not just Doom Metal fans.

Review by Titus Isaac
Track Listing

01 - Vientos De Guerra
02 - We Don't Fear Your God
03 - Betrayer
04 - Of Darkness
05 - At The Hill Of The Ravens
06 - Blood of The Saints
07 - Consolament
08 - A Brother Has Fallen
09 - Strange Fruit Sonata
10 - Burnt
11 - The Conqueror Worm


Erico La Bestia - Vocals
Ramon De Jesus - Guitars
Joel Carrasquillo - Guitars
Israel Vega - Bass
Enrique Ov Khaos - Drums

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