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La Nueva Orden
July 2014
Released: 2011, StormSpell Records
Rating: 3.0/5
Reviewer: JP

Just two days before I wrote this review, the Netherlands crushed Spain 5-1 in the opening round of the 2014 World Cup. I could not help but thinking if the Spanish team had listened to LA NEUVA ORDEN by Spain’s Wild on their iPods before the game they would put in a more inspired performance.

This is our first review of a Wild album here on, even though the Madrid based act has been around for a few years. LA NEUVA ORDEN (roughly translated as ‘The New Order’ ) is the full-length debut from the quintet although it has been proceeded by a pair of EP’s. As of time of writing they have just released their second album in the spring of 2014. As it stands the fine Stormspell label re-released the debut (Originally on a small Spanish label) and they produced their usual very high standards. It comes with a gorgeous, 20-page, booklet lots of photos, lyrics and an explanation of the storyline. The album is a concept album and a very interesting one as well. Briefly summarized the story revolves around the Illuminati, the Holy Catholic Church and a program of genetic engineered super-soldiers that can transform themselves in werewolves. Hence, the beautiful album cover painted by Ed Repka. There is betrayal and conspiracy at the highest levels and darkest corners of society. It’s a unique and interesting story. The only drawback is that while the story is summarized in English, the lyrics are sung in Spanish. While that does not bother me at all, it makes it harder for English speakers to follow the plot.

Like almost everything on Stormspell Records, Wild play a traditional brand of Heavy Metal. Following a brief instrumental intro the band takes off delivering a very competent, punchy and thick form of classic Metal. The vocals of Javier Endara are in the mid-range, sometimes drifting into the higher registers with some good screams. The pace is good, quite fast much of the time, not full-on speed Metal but a good sense of intensity and pace. The guitar tone is decent and the record is actually quite bass heavy too giving it some heft in the bottom end.

The albums runs for 44 minutes but that is a bit deceptive, the songs are mostly short in the three to four minute range with the exception of the intro and the epic finale, ‘Juicio Finale’ clocking in at 11 minutes and featuring lots of guest stars. The arrangements are conventional, good basic songs with lots of solid solos. I enjoyed LA NUEVA ORDEN but I wasn’t blown away. They are competent and solid but it is a competitive market and I’d like to hear them bring a bit more fire or intensity to the song-writing. A good debut and I’m looking forward to hearing the next one.
Track Listing

2. Condenado
3. Arde en la hoguera
4. La nueva orden
5. Hijos del Rock
6. Nunca mires a los ojos de la muerte
7. Reina de la noche
8. El extraño
9. Heavy metal (Es mi Religion)
10. Juicio final


Javier Endara Vocals
Juan Jaramillo Drums
Sergio González Fernández Bass
Jaime Nuñez Guitar
Javier Pastor Guitar

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