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First Drop Of Venom
July 2014
Released: 2014, Indie
Rating: 3.5/5
Reviewer: JP

When a person has listened to enough albums, he or she can develop a keen sense of audio characteristics and also start to identify certain facts about the band. Case in point, when I listen to the debut album FIRST DROP OF VENOM by the band Vicious, by the middle of the first song I knew that the drummer was the driving force of the band. I knew nothing about the band but when I opened the disc and popped it in the stereo and went for a drive to do some errands, I could almost immediately tell. The first song is called ‘Cruisin’ by the way so it was appropriate to listen to it for the first time in my car. Sitting at a red light, I took a quick look at the liner notes and sure enough, Jake Gracie is the drummer and lead vocalist, and writes all the lyrics and wrote most of the songs. I could tell just the way the drums were mixed very high in the mix and the opening song had lots of busy drum work.

The CD is a simple presentation with an eye-catching design but it is a digipak with no booklet, but at least they printed lyrics on the inside of the cover. The five dudes from Nova Scotia look the part and have all the right rock ‘n’ roll moves and good lyrics. Musically, they are straight up early 80’s Metal with a rock and roll edge. The production is a little thin but not enough to make the album unlistenable. The aforementioned vocals of Gracie are a bit rough but perhaps this is the way it should be. Highlights tracks fro me are ‘Bring The Hammer down’ and ‘Engage The Blade’ with it’s fist-pumping, head-banging gang vocal chorus. A triple guitar attack is always nice to see as well.

Rough, raw and ready to rock, Vicious guys fall nicely into the burgeoning Canadian retro camp along with Skullfist, Midnight Malice, etc. FIRST DROP OF VENOM is a great debut and if they survive the party we can expect more from them.
Track Listing

1. Cruisin'
2. Hearing the Call
3. Eternal Sickness
4. Engage the Blade
5. Wildcat
6. Pythonic Force
7. Free Man
8. Bring Down the Hammer
9. Prelude to the Dawn of Dreams
10. Final Stand


Jake Gracie Drums, Vocals
Brycen Gunn Bass
Devin Cashin Guitar
Cody Ramsdale Guitar
Adam Clarke Guitar

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