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Septic Flesh
July 2014
Released: 2014, Season Of Mist
Rating: 4.5/5
Reviewer: Helias Papadopoulos

Septicflesh was one of the most old and respected extreme metal band within Greece. After the milestone COMMUNION (2008), Septicflesh got ready to conquer the world. And they did it. That album was their breakthrough. It was the first time the band used extensively symphonic parts in their death metal. After that, THE GREAT MASS (2011) was another one small diamond in our album collection. Now they are back with another symphonic death metal album, TITAN, which is an album by a different approach.

TITAN is not like COMMUNION or THE GREAT MASS (the one is based on the guitars that are supported by the symphonic parts and for the other goes the opposite). TITAN’s basis is the riffs. This album is not an easy-listening effort as the other two are. Let me explain TITAN what is about by a track-by-track review as I cannot do otherwise.

“War In Heaven”: this is the opener track for the album. A truly cruel and grime track about the eternal fight in macrocosm and microcosm where Heaven isn’t a place where peace dwells.

“Burn”: Something unconventional is going here. The aggressive leads with the brutal vocals alternates with a calmer atmospheric refrain (Seth’s and Sotiris Vayenas’ vocals respectively) based on a cold chant with clean vocals with on gothic style. This is a track about Prometheus’ gift to humankind, fire of wisdom.

“Order of Dracul”: This is one of the most technical tracks of the album based on an incessant duel between the guitar and symphonic parts. In the same time there are a lot of Rumanian musical elements. This led to Vlad Tepes starring in the story of this song. This is a song about the sadist saviours all over the world.

“Prototype”: Groovy and angry guitars upon a melodic tune. And here there a childish choir in the refrains that dignifies the whole song. I really like Seth’s death metal vocals together with children’s voices. This is one of the most ‘twirly’ songs of TITAN about the “chosen ones” that live to manipulate the world.

“Dogma”: In the middle of this record, there is that dark, mid-tempo, truly heavy track with riffs reminiscent kinda of Sepultura’s groovy ROOTS album. Lyrically, this song is about the extravagant anchorites of Middle Ages, the Flagellants, known for self-flagellation.

“Prometheus”: This track is based on melancholic tunes and a sorta soundtrack-ic song. This is a song about those who have the iron will to take on the ‘strong’ men and even gods.

“Titan”: the title track is probably the most suitable song for starting up a huge mosh pit. This is a relentless and aggressive metal attack being framed by majestic and pompous choir among the blastbeats.

“Confessions of a Serial Killer”: There is no relation with the film of the same title. This is a sick hybrid of death metal under the sign of soundtrack-ladden symphonic music. Septicflesh used theremin here, the early electronic musical instrument that is patented by Léon Theremin around 1920.

“Ground Zero”: This is a track with the rhythm section intent, with a nightmarish atmosphere, blastbeats and melodic tones around. Even the melodic refrain in the middle of the track is turns to a heavy and death metal burst in the end under a violent and dark crescendo supported by the orchestra. This is a song musically and lyrically about a post-apocalyptic place in the wake of a world disaster.

“The First Immortal”: The track that closes TITAN is a divine track with the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra being the cynosure. Here there are three-layed vocals; the brutal, the clean and the children choir. The result is captivating and heavy as well.

Septicflesh has created an A class neo-classical death metal record that excites the senses, and it’s a wonderful shock to your extreme and apocalyptic nightmares.
Track Listing

1. War in Heaven
2. Burn
3. Order of Dracul
4. Prototype
5. Dogma
6. Prometheus
7. Titan
8. Confessions of a Serial Killer
9. Ground Zero
10. The First Immortal


Sotiris Vayenas
Spiros "Seth" Antoniou
Christos Antoniou
Fotis Giannakopoulos

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