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July 2014
Released: 2014, Indie
Rating: 4.0/5
Reviewer: JP

I’m a little perplexed that this band is not more popular but there is a lot of material to wade through before you can find the treasures. KINGSLAYER is already the bands fourth independent album as the prolific artists continue their quest for global domination.

KINGSLAYER features a picture of a guy on the cover, who I think I recognize. I suspect it is an actor from Game Of Thrones or maybe a Lord Of The Rings, but I’m not familiar with either of those shows. The booklet is low-budget again, no pictures of the band, no lyrics but I kind of like the minimalist look as it adds to the underground mystique of the band. The production is still pretty raw which also contributes to the overall sound. I’m not sure a full production would enhance anything.

KINGSLAYER is a little longer than the last couple of albums, some of the songs are stretching over the 5-6 minute mark which shows a bit of more adventure in the writing department. There are a few little atmospheric intro pieces like the one heard on ‘Blitzkrieg Skies’. The song-writing is still very innovative in terms of arrangement and composition as they avoid a conventional verse-chorus-verse chorus structure. I’m not suggesting that this is a full-on Prog album with longer instrumental displays of skill, but the songs always retain some good structure and focus points with good riffs. There may be one exception the last song, an instrumental called ‘Sailor On The Seas Of Fate’ where Norselaw (the guitarist) gets to showcase some of his skills on the keyboards and guitar. The vocals are still gruff with lots of bizarre roars and shouts and manly as hell. You won’t hear any golden-throated, pretty boy, Italian Power Metal vocals on this record! The lyrics are still epic tales of battles, ice palaces, and dungeons deep and caverns dim. The guitar tone is rough and ready and the drums crash along driving the songs like ‘Kingslayer’ into the next dimension. This is not metal for the faint of heart.

This is my third album review by the band and I still can’t wrap my head around how cool and how good Norselaw is. KINGSLAYER is like they have channeled the spirit of Conan listening to Cirith Ungol on his iPod while he charges across the plain on a dinosaur all the while mowing down his enemies with a broadsword in the heat of an epic, raging battle.
Track Listing

1. Dungeons Deep And Caverns Dim
2. Elric
3. Kingslayer
4. Over And On
5. Cimmerian
6. Behind Stars Under Hills
7. Ice Palaces
8. Dagon Rising
9. Blitzkrieg Skies
10. Sailor On The Seas Of Fate


Norselaw -Vocals, Guitar, Bass

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